amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What to expect from here...

      After Amaya's surgery she should be in the hospital for about two to three days, it just depends on how quickly she recovers.  They will give us a harness of some sort to use to transport her in the car since she won't fit in her normal car-seat.  She has a follow-up appointment next week on the thirteenth, to see how she's recovering.  She will be in her cast for about six weeks, a friend from school gave us different colored sharpies, so that people can write on her cast. She is looking forward to that, as are her friends.  During that time she will have to have sponge-baths and wear diapers (they get tucked in under the cast) to help keep the cast dry and make sure it doesn't get soiled.  She will probably be in dresses and skirts, as they are the easiest to go on over the cast.  We also have some hand me down sweats, in larger sizes, to go over the un-casted leg to help keep it warm.  We are hoping she'll be able to go back to school soon, but not exactly sure when that will be.  She did get a lot of games, toys, and art supplies to keep busy while sitting down.  And her teacher gave her a desk/tray to use in bed or on the couch.   Hopefully she'll have enough to keep her mind busy, distracted, challenged and entertained.  Amaya will also have a wheelchair during this time to help with her mobility.  Once the cast comes off she'll have to do some physical therapy to strengthen her leg and hip and gain back some of the mobility. We're not sure if she'll still be using her wheelchair then or a walker or nothing at all.  
      Her surgeon said that the expected recovery time (in total) is about three months.  This includes the time in the cast, wheelchair and physical therapy.  So, please keep sending your positive energy, prayers, love and support to help sustain us as the recovery tends to be hardest on the parents (that's what we've heard from other parents), and we've got a bit of a long road ahead of us.
     Thanks again for all of  your love, kindness support and friendship.

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