amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Saturday, October 20, 2012

First day without a fixator (re-post)

    When I uploaded my last blog post it accidentally erased my post from our first day home after the fixator removal. Even though it was just two days ago I can't remember everything that I wrote. I'll add the pictures I had and try to piece what I had. It's very frustrating! So please bear with me.
  Thursday was a good day. Amaya slept well Wednesday night and only woke up twice in pain. She was able to fall back to sleep pretty easily and quickly. It was strange not having to massage her foot or knee to fall asleep or to go back to sleep. I rubbed her hair to help her stay calm and fall  asleep. I gave her pain medication once during the night then slept through my alarm for her second dose, but she slept thorough the rest of the night with no complaints (about seven hours). It was so nice for all of us that she had a good nights rest. She had minimal pain and we gave her her pain medication every four hours. She was taking Tylenol w/codeine.
    Lidie was a bit emotional in the morning but later calmed down. Occasionally she said "I can't believe Amaya doesn't have a fixator!" She's still amazed and surprised by it all. She was very sweet and helpful. She would bring stuff to Amaya and put things away for her saying "of course, you just had your fixator removed." She was very careful with Amaya's leg but occasionally bumped into it. Ouch! Amaya didn't complain of pain very much, just occasional spasms, when she tried to move, and occasionally every few hours.
   Amaya was hesitant to try walking, and was building her nerve to do so, but she did get up and stand on her leg a couple of times. She said it felt good to stand on it. We spent the day at home resting. I had a to-do list, but left it for the following day. We watched TV, napped, relaxed, played and ate. Amaya's appetite slowly started to come back and she began to eat a bit more.
   My mother in law brought us over some spaghetti for dinner and our friend Sara brought us shells for the next day and some colored pasta for Amaya to make jewelry out of. We received calls, messages and help. We're grateful to you all for being a part of this journey with us. Thank you all for the help, love, and support.
Even though its an ace bandage Amaya decided to call it a "fake cast" and decorate it with markers. She had us all sign it for her too.
Here's what her leg looked like wrapped up. The ace bandage goes fro her upper thigh down to her toes.
Here's a sloe-up of her hip and bottom. It has that extra large bandage on it because of the extra drainage she had in the recovery room. The resident added it to help catch any drainage from her pin sites. We didn't notice any more drainage today.


  1. Hi! My name is Emily, I am 15 years old. I had a blood clot in my knee as a young baby and as a result my right leg doesn't grow. I am currently in my third fixators on my right femur. I had one at 6, one at 12, and my third one (the one I currently have) I got right before my 15th birthday. I will behaving it removed soon but I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone! I hope your daughter heals up quickly! Good luck :)

    1. Emily, thanks for writing and your kind words! Do you mind emailing me, I'd like to ask you about the different lengthenings you've had. my email is

  2. Hi! My name is Emily. I am 15 years old. I had a blood clot in my right knee at a few months old and as a result it destroyed my right knee and my right femoral growth plate. I had one fixators at 6, my second one at 12, and I'm currently in my third one which was put on several months ago. Just wanted to let your daughter know she's not alone! Good luck and stay tough :)