amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pants, tights and leggings oh my

    Friday night was another good night for Amaya. She fell asleep easily by eighth thirty. It's so weird to not have to spend hours to help get her to sleep (showering, wound care, stretching, locking her bar, massaging her foot or knee, etc). Its been such a nice treat. Last night she decided to try sleeping in her own bed. She slept well, and only needed pain medication once in the middle of the night. I also massaged her foot for half an hour to help her fall asleep.
   Amaya started the day yesterday by getting herself up out of bed, walking down the hall, and going up a couple of stairs (while Josh spotted her). Over night some of her gauze slipped and she saw her pin sites and said that they "look pretty good."I put new gauze on them, even though they've pretty much scabbed over. But this way her and Lidie don't have to look at them, and the pin sites can be covered so they don't get scratched easily. Amaya is still doing good with the children's Tylenol. I gave her a dose in the morning and she didn't need another until bedtime. I'm pleasantly surprised by her pain level. She has some discomfort, some achiness and is a bit sore at times, but all in all she's handling it very well. Her leg muscles are still tight, mostly when she tries to straighten her leg. I started some of the stretches that Melissa, her therapist, had taught us and recommended to do after the fixator was removed.
Here's a look at the fixator pieces we got to keep. They're heavier than they look. 
Here's Amaya walking up stairs. I was so surprised and proud of her for trying it. She had already done two steps and was trying more so that I could video tape her. Josh was reminding her to alternate her legs, to put all her weight on both legs and to bend her left knee. You can hear her pain and frustration in her voice.
Here's the second part of that video. 
Here's what her pin sites looked like in the morning.  
Here's what her leg looked like after I taped on new gauze. They stayed on better this way than wrapped all around her leg.
I found this quote yesterday on the Mommies of Miracles Facebook page. It was so fitting for Amaya. As I changed her gauze I couldn't help but notice all her scars. She has the nine from her pin sites, the incision from where the rush rod was inserted, the two long ones from her super knee surgery and the one on her hip from her hip osteotomy. Her scars are records off all she's been through, endured and overcome. I've seen her suffer and show her spirit throughout it all. She's amazing. All these scars have helped her become the person she is today, and whom she will become later in life. 
Here's Amaya's outfit for the day. Its the first time in over seven months that she was able to wear tights. She tried on sweats, leggings and pants and finally settled on this outfit. She's grown quite a bit since the last time she was able to wear pants so she was either too tall or skinny for most of her clothes.  Some of them did fit, but were uncomfortable on her hip incision or hard to pull over her hip so she decided on something soft, these tights.  


  1. That is just wonderful! I can imagine what a great moment the trying on of these leggings must have been after such a long time. I really hope that Amaya will continue to remain this strong, and I hope that there will be less pain in the future. Best wishes!