amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Basketball with The Limb Connection

  Yesterday we went to our first Limb Connections event. Limb Connections is a support group for families with children with limb deficiencies or limb loss to connect and network. For more information you can email Yesterday we met at the Chino High school for a basketball clinic to raise funds to send the kids to summer camp next year at camp no limits. Camp no Limits has camps around the country, but there is one locally here in Big Bear. Camp No Limits is a camp for children and families with limb loss. You can visit their website at or email at
   I can't tell you how comforting it was to have three PFFD children and their families under one roof. Amaya was the oldest, then there was a four year old girl Arele, and a five month old baby Ariana. It was so nice to talk with the families; sharing doctor stories, sharing Amaya's fixator, sharing struggles, and journeys. There is such a comfort in talking with someone who knows exactly what you're feeling and going through. I'm grateful that this group was created and that we've been able to connect with these families.
    Amaya was very nervous, shy and scared at first. She was afraid she would be stared at, but after a few minutes I pointed out to her that nobody was looking at her. She smiled and after that relaxed and had fun. Both girls did excellent. Amaya must have some natural basketball talents because she didn't inherit any skills from me or her dad. Amaya made so many shots and did great at dribbling. Lidie got the hang of it quickly too.
Amaya dribbling and having fun.
At the end of the day Amaya said, "I had so much fun!"

Josh and Amaya talking with coach Sandra and Arelle. Sandra is vice-president of The Limb Connections and helped put on the event. Her daughter Arelle is four years old and has PFFD also. She has a shoe lift similar to Amaya's old one. She'll be having her lengthening next year so we showed them Amaya's. 
Here's everyone who participated. The girls in pink are members of the girls basketball teams there at Chino High school.
Here is Sandra the vice-president, Dr. Le the president who founded The Limb Connections with the members.

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