amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Two years later

 This was us two years ago... 

Lidie, age 3 and Amaya age 6 the night before Amaya got her fixator put on.

Here's a before and after shot from March 6, 2012.
Here's our sweet girl giving a thumbs up getting ready to head into surgery. 
This is what her leg looked like after surgery. She wore that fixator for seven and a half months. 

    But, I should also show you another 'after' picture, of where Amaya is now two years later. Where she was two years ago brought her to where she is now. With two legs firmly planted on the ground.  With legs of equal length! She grew 3.1 inches of new bone during that time! It's amazing to see her standing strong, and tall. With no need of a shoe lift or wheelchair or walker. To see her happy and healthy. It's a gift. I'm forever grateful to Dr. Nelson and to Melissa our therapist.

This is how she stood two years ago. 
And here is how she stands now. Its amazing and something worth celebrating!
The girls getting ready to enjoy some celebratory cake.
Here's a close up of the cake. 
When I picked up Amaya today she told me about a writing assignment she had today. She was suppose to write about a "Cinderella dream." Anything she dreamed of for the future. Here she is telling me about her dream and what she wrote... I can definitely see that dream coming true. 

A mini-interview with the girls while they had cake...

What do you girls remember about having the fixator on?
"It was boring helping some times." -- Lidie
"The fixator helped me. Dr. Nelson helped me." --Amaya

What was the best part of having the fixator on?
"Getting my leg fixed. It grew my bone!"

Do you regret it?

What was the hardest part?
"Not being able to run fast with it on."

What was the easiest part about having it on?
"The handle to move my leg with."

Is there anything you miss about having a fixator?
"The handle to move my leg, therapy (it was actually very fun)." 
Lidie "I miss playing at therapy and getting candy there."

Anything you want to say to anyone who's getting a fixator?
"Don't worry, you end up with a way to use your leg and you'll enjoy it, some of the time. And you won't have to struggle with some of the things. Good luck!"

Anything you want to say to our blog followers ?
"Don't worry about your kids, it'll be okay. You don't have to struggle. Thank you for reading my blog.
That's all."

      We have several friends who just got their fixators put on or are getting very close to that. I can say that two years later it was definitely worth it. So hang in there! 
I was talking with someone earlier this week who is going through a very difficult time. I said that sometimes when we go through difficult times, we're not exactly sure how we do it, but we do. Two years later that time seems so long ago. I remember the day to day stuff (the pin care, the three hour long trips to therapy, the doctor visits, the daily physical therapy, the stress, and worry and sleepless nights, etc.) that was difficult and exhausting. Somehow we did it. We survived and are better for it. Not only as individuals but as a family. It wasn't easy, yet two years later the hard stuff isn't what we remember. We remember  the accomplishments. We remember those who helped us along the way. 

Here are some quotes that helped encourage me, I hope they do the same for you. 

Thank you all for reading along, for being a part of our journey, for your care, prayers,  kindness and friendship. 

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