amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Monday, June 26, 2017

Eight Plate follow up

Today we had our follow up appointment with Dr. Nelson at Loma Linda. He looked at her x-rays and was very happy with how she's done these past three months. Her leg has corrected so much in such a short time. As of now she only has 5 mm left to correct in her femur! She's also grown 2 inches in three months, which means she's now 5' 2" tall! He said her big growth spurt helped her knee correct so quickly. So the plan now is to come back in three months to have the plate removed. We're waiting to be scheduled but it looks like it'll be at the end of September. Thank you all for the love and support, it means a great deal to us all.
While you wait to be seen what do you do? Make silly faces of course! 
Here's an areial view of her legs. 
Amaya getting checked out by the resident. I'm always happy when there is female because it encourages Amaya that she can achieve her dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Amaya was hoping she could get a coat like the "real doctors" wear. 
Here's a look at her current x-ray. 
You can see the eight plate and I could definitely tell her femur was straighter. 
We got to look at a model of the PRECISE lengthening device.
 This is what Dr. Nelson will use for Amaya's next lengthening.
While we waited we looked through the book, Together We Move, we found an article on Dr. Nelson and the amazing work he did after the Haiti earthquake. He is an amazing surgeon and kind man. We are so fortunate to have him treating Amaya. 

Dr. Nelson got a good view of Amaya's knee and leg as she stood. 
He said that when we take her next x-rays she needs to stand this way (with her foot turned inward) so that he can get an accurate look at her femur. 


  1. That is amazing how well her knee straightened out! How quick was the recovery time for the 8 plate ? Did she need crutches was she able to do strains? My son is getting both knees done for his knock knees?

  2. Recovery was much quicker than we anticipated. Within a week she was back to walking "normally" and pain free. She didn't need crutches or any adaptive devices. After her initial pain she was able to work out the following week (at times she needed children Tylenol to help with pain, but other than that she was good).

  3. Hello my dear , Can you pls send me your email . That would be much appreciated , I have been reading your blog and I have some questions .

    1. Hello its
      feel free to email and ask questions, were happy to help in any way