amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Physical Therapy

     Well we finally had our first session of physical therapy last week. It took two weeks to process the insurance referral and then another to get an appointment.  I was getting a bit impatient and uneasy, but was happy to find several kind people along the way who were willing to help speed the process along.  It's always great to be met by kindness when facing obstacles.  I was also worried (although I tried not to) if Amaya was doing too much or not enough or doing something wrong with her leg.  We just kept telling her to listen to her body, if it felt like something was too much, then not too push it.  But also trying to balance that with a healthy dose of encouragement and motivation to try things.  Each day Amaya gets tired and worn out, when she gets home she rests for about an hour or so while Lidie naps and is asleep by eight (although usually its seven-thirty).  She often requires tylenol or advil for the pain. A warm compress seems to help relieve the pain as well. Throughout all of this she has shown such resilience, a high tolerance for pain, strength, courage, feistiness (the good kind), and a willingness to try.
      Our physical therapist, Summer, was wonderful.  Her warm, welcoming spirit and friendliness won Amaya over instantly.  Summer was very impressed with how quickly Amaya got up out of her wheelchair (about two days after the cast came off) and how quick she stopped using it (about a week after the cast came off).  She was very happy with how much Amaya was able to do (how much she was able to bend, and straighten her leg, her muscle strength throughout the leg, as well as her willingness to do whatever Summer asked of her without complaining or whining).  Amaya was able to do a full hour of therapy, which was quite impressive.  Summer recommended four exercises to start with, this should keep us busy until we can see her again. We have to wait, again, for Amaya's orthopedic surgeon to approve the physical therapy plan that Summer wrote up for Amaya and then it will go to insurance for approval as well.  Summer was happy to see how much Amaya was able to do considering not only her disability, but the fact that she's recovering from surgery and learning to use her knee and leg in a whole new way.

      Summer recognized me, from when I use to bring Lidie there for her physical therapy (about a year ago). It was a great reminder of how much Lidie has accomplished and overcome. Both my girls are amazing.

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