amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Monday, March 28, 2011

Waiting, waiting and still waiting

     Well it's Monday and that means it's my day to call the physical therapy office (to see if Amaya can get an appointment to get in to start her physical therapy).  I've been calling once or twice a week now for four weeks.  At this point it's been a lot of waiting, calling, being transferred, calling back and waiting some more.  It is an extremely frustrating process.  It's especially difficult because I feel as though I am powerless to actually do anything.  All my calls and questions, and messages seem to go unnoticed.  I know that isn't entirely true, but the process does tear one down.  I have been able to track the progress of the evaluation and make sure it is going thru the proper channels as quick as possible.  But, even with all my efforts and the progress made, we still do not have a clearance to schedule her therapy.  It's been over thirty days since she was last seen for her physical therapy evaluation,  and almost two months since her cast was removed.
    My advice to any parent having to go thru this; don't give up.  Although it is nothing short of frustrating (I've been pushed to tears many times during this process).  I know that my efforts are all for the benefit of my daughter, and she is definitely worth the time, effort, energy, and follow thru.  Another bit of advice; make friends among the staff along the way.  It's a hard balance; trying to keep on top of it while not becoming too pushy.  Trust me people are much more willing to help you when you are kind (for the most part).
      I realize that I now have a role to play as Amaya's medical advocate, so that is what I will do.  Advocate on her behalf.
Wish me luck and patience!

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