amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Monday, December 19, 2011

New shoes

     We got Amaya's new shoes! They're a cute pair of black Vans that match her sisters.  The shoes were thirty five and the lift was sixty but, thanks to the generosity of my three aunts they cost us nothing. What a nice treat. The lift is an inch and a half, but looks bigger in this picture. We realized that this will probably be her last pair before her lengthening surgery in March. I guess once they start lengthening they'll cut some of the lift off as they go along. 
     We had been paying eighty-one for the lift at another shoe repair place, and decided to go back to our old place. This time it was half an inch more so they doubled the price. I'm always surprised by the cost. Sometimes they cut the sole off add the lift then reattach the sole, but this time the lady at the counter said that that wouldn't work with these shoes. So instead they added the lift on the bottom of the shoe then added another thin sole to help with traction.

Here she is with her new shoes.
 I love her smile in this picture.

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