amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Making pizza

     This morning I had a hard time waking up and even once I did I was still tired. I had to rush to get ready to make it to our chiropractor appointment in time. There we learned that our family friends Richard and Diana were in labour and would soon be welcoming a baby. A few hours later we learned it was a girl, Amelie. We offer our congrats to them and welcome sweet Amelie into the world. Before therapy we had a few minutes so we stopped by a store to pick up some things for a baby shower for my niece. While we were there we talked to the woman who worked there. She asked why Amaya was wearing the fixator. She had been a nurse for many years and was familiar with it. We talked about Amaya and her dreams of being an orthopedic surgeon. The woman told me that its a hard field to get into, "but don't ever tell her that. You just encourage her and she'll do it." She had one daughter just finish law school and another was a doctor. She encouraged Amaya to keep reading and to work hard. Then she'd be able to reach her goals and that she could do it. I appreciated the support and encouragement. 
      At therapy I gave Melissa the signed prescription for continued physical therapy. She filled it out on Monday and had us take it to our appointment so that Dr. Nelson would fill it out then we returned it in hopes of speeding up the process. After Amaya did her work she started her bends. Her knee was at 54 then quickly moved up, but then she kind of leveled out for awhile. She started getting tired and said she couldn't do anymore bends. Melissa told her she was at 93, then asked her to try to make it to 98. Amaya said okay, then did three big pushes. Melissa asked her "do you have any more in you?" So Amaya did one last big push. She was able to get to 100! It's always amazing when she can jump so much in just a few bends. Seven degrees in three four bends and about 46 degrees gained in a few minutes. 
     As we drove home Amaya said, "my fixator." I asked her why she said that. She said that she kind of forgot it was there, but then looked down and saw it. She said she was ready for it to come off. I sympathized with her, but reminded her why she's still wearing it (to help support her while her new bone hardens). "It's to help my leg." She said. I'm glad she understands why things are done, even though their not always pleasant. 
Melissa had Amaya remove the old tape because eh wasn't happy with how it was on there. Then she reapplied new tape.
Amaya asked if she could work on the ladder again, so Melissa let her.
Here's some video I got of her climbing up. She had to climb up and down in four times.
Then Amaya bowled on the bike then rode it around the room for a few minutes to get some extra bends in.
Then Melissa had her use the scooter, to do some small scoots. just enough to bend the knee. After that they did twenty knee squats. Melissa did the squats with Amaya; I wonder where she gets her energy from. It makes doing the exercises bearable when someone is doing it with you. Amaya enjoys having Melissa work right alongside her. Melissa really is such a wonderful therapist. 
The girls and I made pizza tonight. Turning on the oven in this humid heat wasn't the best idea. But seeing them work together and enjoying a tasty pizza made it worthwhile. 
During her shower she did great. She had a few scabs come off and the top two sites got stuck a little, but she didn't whine or complain. Dad gave her her shower since I was putting Lidie to bed. And they had fun. She was filling her mouth with water and then spitting it out. I'm glad when dad does her showers because he manages to include more fun in them than I do.
Here's what her bottom pins look like tonight. The one on the right side was the first one to be bothering her, but its starting to clear up. But, now the bottom one is raised and bubbly. They're both pinkish reddish and bothering her. As she was going to sleep she woke up twice saying they hurt and she wanted to rub them. "Ugh. My pins." She said. Hopefully she'll be able to sleep well tonight.


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