amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Monday, June 6, 2011

Four centimeters

     At our last physical therapy appointment Cassi (Amaya's physical therapist) decided to measure Amaya's legs to see what the difference between the two legs is. Her right leg measured at 59 & 1/2 cm. And the left one was 55 & 1/2 cm. The difference is four centimeters which is almost two inches. At birth it was closer to one and a half inches, but now it's closer to two. They've calculated that by the time she's done growing it'll be closer to five inches.
     Cassi was concerned that Amaya's lift isn't high enough or helping Amaya. She was concerned that Amaya's gait isn't developing properly, the weight isn't being evenly distributed in her bones (which causes them to not develop properly), her muscles aren't developing properly. She also mentioned that long term problems could develop for Amaya as well (all throughout her body).  She strongly recommended that we add at least a quarter inch to her current lift.
     I had to stop and take it all in. Although it isn't completely new information, it's always a bit shocking. I have to stop and figure out where do we go from here, how will we handle this, and what's the best way to move on with this new information. So we'll take her shoe back in and have half an inch added and see how she does with that.

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