amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interview with Dr. Paley

     I just added a link under the link section titled "interview with Dr. Paley." I found it on another blog that I follow, Daniel's Steps.  The link goes to an interview conducted with Dr. Paley last February.  Dr. Paley is an orthopedic surgeon who has pioneered many treatments for PFFD including the super knee procedure that Amaya had done this January.  He does most of the lengthening surgeries in the country. Many people travel from other states and other countries to seek his opinion and treatment. He's located in West Palm Beach, Florida.
     The interview focuses on the lengthening procedure and gives lots of information about the process (which we will be doing next spring with Amaya). If you get the chance I highly recommend reading it, especially if you or your child have PFFD.

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