amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Thursday, September 15, 2011

At bedtime the other night

     As I laid In bed rubbing Amaya's leg and singing, I started to rub her other leg. She asked me "Mom, why are you rubbing my right leg?" "Because I love both your legs," I said. "Can you rub my left leg instead?" "Sure" I said, "Why?" She answered with "because it's my short leg and needs lots of love." "Of course" I said and continued to rub her leg. A few minutes later she sat up and said "Mom, I don't think I'm ready for my next surgery. I think we need to wait until November,19. I'll be ready by then. Or maybe when I'm six and a half, definitely by then." I reminded her that it's okay to be scared. But, inside I'm sad to know that she worries about this so often. I wish I can take her cares and worries away, but I can't. I can't even take my own away.
     After a few minutes of comforting her, she said "Mom I'm so lucky, I only have to have two surgeries." I'm glad that even though she is dealing with her own fears, she is able to keep some perspective and remember that she is not the only one dealing with this. And her empathy for other kids is heartwarming.
     I reassured her that her surgery won't happen until she's six and a half, that she can do this, she will be okay, and we will be here to help her. She started to list all the people that would help her; her parents, family, friends, doctor, teacher, classmates and dance teacher. I'm so thankful for all these people whom she can count on, thank you all.


  1. Sweet... and I feel your tears. From one mom to another!! But, she's beautiful inside and out; you and Josh are doing a wonderful job with raising her.
    Your Friend,

  2. Thank you Terry. The love and support we get from friends like you, helps us get thru the tough times.