amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


     We are so fortunate to have the love and support from so many people. Not only from family, but from friends and strangers as well. This week some of my aunts volunteered to pay for Amaya's next pair of shoes and her shoe lift. Her shoes usually run about thirty dollars and the lift is eighty one. That can add up to one costly pair of shoes, which she out grows in a few months. Their kindness and generosity really touched me. I'm always surprised by the kindness, generosity and the willingness of others to help.  In the past others have offered to pay for Amaya's shoes, lifts or knee braces. We are lucky to have such loving people in our lives.
     Amaya also had a new friend, Amethyst, offer to cook something for her while she was in the hospital and get her a snuggly from Build A Bear. This nine year old was so sweet, thoughtful and loving. It's nice to see other kids respond with kindness to Amaya.  When Amaya told Amethyst about her leg, and why she wears her lift. Amethyst told Amaya "I like your shoe, its cool." That put the biggest smile on Amaya's face. That's what the power of love, and kindness can do.
     Yesterday I received a call from my aunt Eren in Georgia. She called to see how me and Amaya were doing. She had been thinking about us and wanted to let us know. Her call gave me the support and love I needed. Her call as well as the emails from old friends are priceless. People checking in on me, having friends that I can vent to and give me gentle reminders to stay calm and let things out are so helpful. Thank you Todd and Yvette.
     All these small acts of kindness are really rather big. Thank you all.

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