amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Uncle Todd

     My dear and old friend Todd has now become "uncle Todd" to my girls. Todd and I have been friends since we were fifteen(over twenty years). He was my first best friend and I'm so glad and thankful that we've reconected these past couple of years. It's nice to have him become close to my family and connect with my girls. It's nice that they ask about him and even though we don't see him often (since he lives in the Bay Area) we are connected and maintain a friendship.
     This past weekend he was able to come and celebrate Lidie's third birthday with us. During her party he made the effort to talk with Amaya and let her know that he thinks she's a pretty cool kid. To which she responded with a thank you. He then asked her about her upcoming surgery and what she thought about it all. She said that she was gonna be fine. Then he asked if she was scared or nervous. She said yeah a little, but that she was gonna be okay. Then off she ran to enjoy the bounce house with her sister.
     I'm so proud of Amaya for being honest, calm and optimistic. And I'm so very grateful for a friend who showed his concern to my daughter. Who reached out to ask how she feels, thinks and is dealing with everyting. And then goes the extra step, beyond her first answer, to ask about her fears. That small simple conversation showed so much sincere love and kindness. Thank you uncle Todd, my girls are lucky to have you in their lives, as am I.

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