amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Missed therapy

    Today was the first time I missed Amaya's physical therapy since March 6. Over nine months! I didn't want to miss today, but Lidie had a cold and Josh had to go down to school anyway and only had to go to one school site today so he offered to take Amaya for me. I reluctantly agreed. I just don't feel right missing, and I don't like missing it either. But I made the most of my time with Lidie and took care of her. 
    Amaya had a four day break from therapy and I was nervous about how she would do. Her week off during Christmas wasn't helpful at all. We made sure to do her blood flow work every night (I even set an alarm on my phone to remind me when to do it). She said it hurt her a bit when I pinched her foot so I had Josh ask about it at therapy today. Melissa said to just pinch it a little bit more gently. I also made sure she did her therapy homework every night. Some times I had her do a session in the day in addition to her nightly work. I had her crab walk with Lidie, do her stretches and exercises. Josh's dad asked if we did therapy over the break and Josh said "yeah religiously." Josh complimented me on working with her all these months and making it a part of her daily routine. He said that at this point its been ingrained in Amaya that its a part of her daily routine and she doesn't fight it. Yep, daily. In almost ten months she's missed less than ten times (if that). She's amazing! 
    On Friday night I forgot to replace the bandage on her heel. We've been changing it after her showers, but she skipped her shower that night and it had fallen off during the day, but I didn't notice.  Later that night she woke up saying it hurt. Dang it! I felt so bad! She also complained that her knee hurt and she had some cold symptoms. I gave her some Tylenol and rubbed her knee for thirty minutes until she was in deep sleep. I felt so bad for her. Very sweetly she said, "Mom I cried for two minutes and twenty seconds before you heard me." Awe. I expected her knee to be sore that day because she had three days of intense physical therapy in a row and her knee was a bit puffy. Thankfully she's doing good and said she felt no pain. 
Here are the pictures Josh took today (because I asked him to).
      Here's some good news to share with you. We finally got most of Amaya's referrals processed and accepted. That includes the one for her boot, plastic surgeon, and the opthomalogist. We're just waiting for continued physical therapy now. Next we have to make those appointments and get the boot, but at least we have the referrals in place. Marilou faxed them all to where they need to be. Once again she's been a huge help! Hopefully were able to make the appointments soon.
    Thanks again for all your help, support and concern. Continue to send love to our friend Rory (who had an accident over the weekend) and to our other PFFD friends undergoing lengthenings  and other procedures right now. Hello to Benito and his family! Keep up the good work! You're almost done! They're both in Florida working hard and doing great! 
Amaya said she stood for 8 seconds one time and 17 the other.  
Amaya was able to get to 113 degrees today!  
To celebrate Josh took her to get some frozen yogurt.

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