amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some progress with her hip

    First of all let me thank you for your care, concern, calls and messages. I really appreciate it. Its nice to know we have so many people out there who care about Amaya and her well being. She's still having some discomfort and pain. She feels her hip "pop" throughout the day; at times when she's running other times when she's sitting and moves. Her hip is sensitive when you push on it, even slightly. She's been sleeping with a pillow under her hip to help with pain, taking children's Tylenol and sleeping with a hot pad. She said she's been waking up when she feels pain and or a "pop." Last night she woke me up twice; once to get her a hot pad and another time to get her some Tylenol for pain. 
   Although she does have some pain and discomfort it isn't all the time. It goes away and she's not allowing it to limit her. She's still playing, swimming, and enjoying life. We talked to her P.E. teacher and she'll sit out for the next few weeks until we hear from her doctor. Also we've decided its best to have her skip her gymnastics class for the next few weeks as well. Better safe than sorry. 
   After many calls and lots of help we finally got an insurance referral in place and an appointment to see her surgeon. Unfortunately it isn't until mid July. That's about six weeks away and a very long time for her to be in pain so I've made some calls to Dr.Nelson's nurse to see if we could see him before then. Currently he is out of the country for two weeks. He travels about four to five times a year to do mission work. He's an amazing surgeon and person and I'm sure he's helping many people wherever he is. We wish him well. 
   I'll be picking up Amaya's x-rays today (the ones we got at urgent care last week) and then emailing Dr. Nelson. He's usually really good about answering us quickly, even while out of the country. Hopefully he can give us some input, advice and let us know what to do in the mean time. Until then we're trying to keep Amaya comfortable and trying not to get too stressed out. This is much easier for Josh than for me. It's hard not to worry and wonder. I find myself looking over all her past x-rays comparing them to the most recent ones and searching all over the Internet looking at other x-rays and reading medical journals trying to get some answers. Today Josh's mom came over before school and taped Amaya's hip and knee hoping that that would give her some pain relief. Hopefully it does. 
   Once again, thank you. 
Amaya sporting her new Goonies shirt while her Grammy tapes her hip. 

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