amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ugh, this hip...

  Okay so I'm trying to be patient and optimistic and just "wait and see" about Amaya's hip, but the unknown and knowing that she's in discomfort bothers me. A lot. Tomorrow morning I'm taking her to urgent care to get an x-ray of her hip. And this is why. Josh noticed at school today that when he touched Amaya's hip she cringed in pain. She doesn't complain on her own of pain, but when you ask her about it she'll let you know. Amaya told Josh that it feels like "the bone is separated" and said that "it kinda feels like the bone in that area is missing." She also said that she can feel it "pop." He asked if it felt good like when you crack your knuckles and get a sense of relief but she said no. Josh said he can feel something under her scar (where the rush rod was inserted). He said it feels like a tendon or muscle. Similar to when you massage someone and you feel a knot in their muscles. She's able to move and run, and play. But she has a very high tolerance for pain and isn't a big complainer. So its hard to know how much its hurting her and affecting her. Josh and Amaya narrowed  down to when the pain started. It was about a week ago, she got bumped on the playground equipment at school. She twisted her ankle and hip and fell down. Then the next day is when she first heard and felt her hip "pop." It did it again the next day. 
   After Josh and I talked we decided that I should call Melissa and see what she thought about it all and if she had any input and or advice. Melissa was kind enough to let us know that if we ever needed anything to feel free to contact her. We're so fortunate to have her in our lives. Melissa returned my call and I explained everything to her. She said that its pretty hard to dislocate your hip, but that its possible she over extended it (not the exact words she used). I reminded her that Amaya's hip use to dislocate before her hip osteotomy last March, but that this was the first time its happened since. She asked if there was any pain associated with the first "pop"and Amaya said "yeah, a lot." Not what I wanted to hear. Melissa suggested that we go get her an x-ray to see if the hip and area are structurally sound. If so then she suggested we focus our therapy on range of motion and building up the area, and massaging it. If not, well then we'll contact Dr. Nelson and see what he thinks and suggests.
    At this point I don't know if its her actual hip, her femur, the rush rod, or something else that's bothering her. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Wish us luck. And thanks for your care and support. 

   When we did our therapy tonight I asked Amaya what her pain level was with the different exercises. Some were a two some a three and some a four or five. I asked if she felt pain throughout the day at school and she said no because of how she sits. I asked her what she meant by that. Amaya showed me how she sits during the day. She puts her right foot under her bottom to help prop up her left hip. She said that she sits that way because it helps take some pain away. She said that if she sits flat on her bottom without her foot underneath then her hip hurts. 
    Obviously its causing her some discomfort. Its sad to me that she just deals with the pain. She's a trooper though! Just goes on along enjoying life.


  1. Praying for you all. Update us after you have xrays, please! Hugs from Washington!

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Try and stay positive!