amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Early to bed

     The fact that Amaya fell asleep about six thirty and Lidie at seven should let you know just how tired these girls are. We had another busy day today. We woke up early and had to get ready for our day. Amaya is still use to not having to go anywhere and is adjusting to a "get up and go" routine. It was a bit rough for a few minutes and we almost kept her home from school. I dropped Lidie off at her aunt's house so that I could again go with Amaya to school.  Lidie was a bit hesitant to leave me, but did fine.
     At school Amaya did great. When we first got there Amaya's teacher told us that a parent in the first grade class came and talked with her this morning. She said that her son went home and shared with his family about Amaya. He said that it meant a lot to him that Amaya shared her story with him. I'm glad that not only is she, but others are benefiting from her journey. She's inspiring, helping, teaching and encouraging others whether she realizes it or not.
     When Amaya went to first grade her language arts group was going to another classroom. When we got in there, the teacher found a place for her and Amaya jumped right in. After forty five minutes the groups switched and Amaya went back into the first grade room. In Ms.Gillespie's class Amaya's buddy helped her get in and settled. Amaya transferred into a classroom chair easily and began working. After a lesson where the students had to write sentences then go show them to Ms.Gillespie I was surprised that Amaya wanted to transfer back into her wheelchair pushed herself over there and back. I was quite proud of her. The kids were nice and made sure to give her space and offered to let her go in front of them. Amaya thanked them but stayed at the back of the line. It's nice to see kids be so sweet and kind.
     Today was the first time that Amaya got to go to recess. One of the boys offered o push Amaya to the bathroom. She thanked him and let him know she didn't need to go. He hovered around her for the rest of recess, which was sweet. Several of her friends asked her what she wanted to play. It was neat to see them brainstorm ideas. Ball? No, that might hit her leg. Tag? She can't run, but we could push her. It was almost time for her next dose of pain medication, and she wasn't feeling much like playing. For the rest of recess time we talked with several kids. After recess I went to the car to get Amaya's medication, and a pillow to put under her knee. When I came back she said her knee was sore and asked if I could rub it. I was glad that I was there to rub it, but thought abut the future. What will she do when I won't be there to rub it? Thankfully the class work and friends are a great distraction.
     When we got to physical therapy Amaya did great, as usual. She surpassed her goal today! She had set a goal last week of 111 degrees, but made it to 113 degrees! She was excited and happy. Melissa said she could tell a difference in Amaya's muscles; that they're stronger, and that her hamstrings are very tight. She wonders if maybe after Amaya's fall if she became more guarded. Melissa did say to keep doing the stretches at home. That and the additional time with the bar in her fixator should help the calf and hamstring muscles stretch a bit more. Amaya's leg is doing great with bending but straightening is really difficult. We need to work on both and keep them both flexible. It isn't easy, but we need to keep at it.
      When I got home there was a message from Marylou saying that unfortunately the gauze that we need won't be covered by insurance. I was kind of expecting that, but it's still frustrating. I'm going to start researching online medical supply stores, to see where we can get a good price, since we'll be using gauze every day for the next nine months. I gave Amaya her shower early so that she could have time to get ready for bed then put the bar in her fixator earlier. I put it in about an hour and a half earlier than normal. I also did calf and hamstring stretches before that. She fell asleep quite easily. About seven she stirred in her sleep and I realized that it was time for her pain medication. I quickly gave her her pain meds so that she could have restful sleep.

Amaya at the dentist today. They were surprised just how well she was able to transfer out of her wheelchair and onto the x-ray chair then onto the examination chair. She did great!

When we were leaving school today Amaya missed out on cake for a classmate's birthday. She asked if we could get a cake today. After reaching her goals at physical therapy, I agreed. She's been busting her butt day in and day out, so I thought she deserved a treat. Here's the cake Amaya picked out today. The lady asked her if she wanted something written on it. Amaya said, "Love." 

I found this picture on someone's Facebook wall. I thought it was a great reminder that we have so many people who are "family" to us. Even if not by blood. We are thankful for all the love, and help we have receive from family.

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