amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jelly beans

     Today I got to sleep in, but like Josh pointed out, "eight thirty isn't really sleeping in, is it?" I was still tired but my day was starting whether I was ready or not. Once I was upstairs Josh got to take a nap on the couch. We took the morning to relax. The girls were able to do Face Time with uncle Cody, aunt Arooj and cousin Eliot. Amaya showed her fixator to Eliot and Arooj, who haven't seen her since her surgery. She now seems to be comfortable sharing it with others, which is nice to see. It's nice that Face Time exists, its so nice to see family who live so far away.
    Later the girl's Grammy came over for a quick visit. She brought the girls sticker books, got to play with Lidie and talk with Amaya. Then we headed to the park to visit uncle Juan and tia Hilary. Amaya had been missing them and made plans to visit them today. We went to a playground at Amaya's physical therapy office. It's nice because her wheelchair can go on the play equipment. This way both her and Lidie get to play and have fun. Amaya got to spend some time talking with uncle Juan and tia Hilary and I got to play with Lidie. Amaya brought a jelly bean game that uncle Bret and auntie Gwen gave her, Bean Boozled. She was so excited to share it with uncle Juan and tia Hilary. You spin, then eat the colored jelly bean pictured, but you're not sure if you get a real flavor or a "weird & wild" flavor, like centipede, baby wipe, dog food, moldy cheese, skunk, etc. This game brought lots of laughs, today and in the past. Thanks again uncle Bret and auntie Gwen!
    While we were at the park a little boy was asking Lidie for some of her snacks. She reluctantly shared (she's not big on sharing food). Then his mom came over and talked to us. She overheard Amaya talking about physical therapy. The mom asked if we went to Loma Linda Children's Hospital, we said yes. She said that's where they go and have gotten to go to many movie days. They happen on Fridays at the hospital, so I can safely assume that, that means they have had to spend a lot of time at the hospital. I'm not sure why they do, but I can only offer my sympathy and empathy for them.
   Soon Amaya started playing with a brother and sister. The girl asked Amaya why she was in her wheelchair. Amaya just simply said  "I was born with a short leg." The girl was content and then continued to play. My brother was concerned and worried that the kids would bump Amaya or hurt her. But, I trusted the kids and Amaya. They played kitchen and she had fun. It makes me happy to see Amaya be herself; playing, being silly, talking and having fun.
   When we got home Amaya was tired. I let her rest for a half hour then started our thirty minute physical therapy session. Since she was tired, there was a lot of whining and crying. I kept on going. I had to. I know how important these sessions are. Especially as we move on in the lengthening process. They will become more painful and more important not to miss. After her session, she ate then I got her in the shower. Once she was in bed she asked me to be quick, because she was so tired. I went as fast as I could and we were done in a matter of minutes. I locked her bar into place then tucked her in. It was hard to get her leg straight enough to put the bar in place. But once it was in, it didn't seem to bother her as much. I think doing a physical therapy session close to bed time was helpful. She fell asleep so quickly, within a few minutes. She was asleep by seven pm. But as I tucked Lidie into bed I heard her cry out for me. Josh stayed with her until Lidie fell asleep, then I went in to be with her. She asked me to rub her knee because it was sore. I rubbed it for about fifteen minutes, and then she went back to sleep. I was relieved and thankful that her transition to sleep was so calm tonight.
      Dad decided to stay home from the park today and take some time to himself, a much needed break. He took a shower, listened to music and just was. We're nearing the one month time mark since the surgery and we're all feeling the stress take its tole. We're tired, and at times on edge, some moments are harder than others. Added "small" stuff seems like too much; one more thing we don't want to deal with and shouldn't have to deal with. The tough moments, are draining, but we push thru. Like our new "fixator friend" Alyson reminded us, its definitely tough on the whole family. I'm glad we have such strong bonds of love, honesty, and healthy communication as a foundation, but it is still difficult. We are focusing on the essentials; taking care of each other. Everything else can wait. Keep the good thoughts, prayers, etc. coming, we've got a long road ahead of us. But, we will do it! Like I tell Amaya, "you don't know how much strength you have. You can do this. You will."

Here's Lidie playing on the "mango swing."  It was nice having time with her. 

Amaya hanging out with tia Hilary and uncle Juan on the play equipment.

Lidie got skunk; and made her breath stink! Hilary got pencil shavings. 

Here's the box of jelly beans. Thanks again, uncle Bret and auntie Gwen! These have brought lots of smiles and gags.

     In other news, we welcomed two new babies into the world today! Yasmin, my aunt's first daughter and Anna, born to close family friends. Congrats to both families!

     "it was really nice to be able to see you guys today! im glad amaya was comfortable talking with us about everything, and you were able to have some time with lidie... i loved seeing her reaction to juans stories about his pins, physical therapy, wheelchair wheelies, and scars. when you were on the "mango swing", he took his boot off and showed her his scar on his ankle, and where the pins and plate is. it's really odd that she had never noticed or asked about it before, because its pretty noticeable to adults. i think she was relieved to see that at least hers will come out when all is said and done. good ol' uncle juan was definitely worried about her getting hurt, but i didnt want to step in, considering she'll be around kids tomorrow at school... i figured if anything got too close, or if one of the kids bumped her, she would let them know. it was awesome that she actually showed us the fixator! without hesitation, and i had to fix her blanket at one point, so i got to tuck it under her leg, and she didn't freak out... lol in the hospital she didn't even want us to touch her bed! it's definitely evident that things are getting easier, even as they get harder. haha the best part of the day was that she wanted juan to eat those nasty jelly beans but not me!!! oh, and after juan took off his boot and i said she should smell his toes, she said he didn't have stinky feet, but that she does a lot!"
From tia Hilary who got to spend some time with Amaya today. Thanks for filling me in on all that I missed Hilary. 

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