amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pre-Easter fun

    A look at the last two days from some pictures.

     This was at physical therapy on Friday. Notice she's wearing her "born this way" shirt that dad made her. Amaya's knee was very tight and she only got her knee to 90 degrees, when she pushed it herself. When Melissa pushed it she got it to 103, but not without pain.  Amaya told Melissa about meeting Ben on Wednesday and how much she enjoyed it. She got to use the red scooter again that she likes and pushed herself up the hills again. She saw Jeremy in the adult gym and got some high five's from him and smiles from other patients. I think she's starting to like the attention, just a little bit. 
      After therapy I took her to school. We got there at snack time and Lidie got to enjoy a rice crispie treat with Amaya's class. I got a chance to talk to Amaya's teacher Mrs.Griessbach. She was concerned about all the rotating Amaya was doing going to two different rooms for first grade work. We decided that she should spend most of her time in her class. That way she can spend time with her friends and teacher in her own "comfort zone" and just get to be a kid. She'll still visit Ms.Gillespie's class, because she enjoys that as well, but not as often. Their going to work together around Amaya's physical therapy schedule to decide what's best for Amaya. I appreciate both her teachers' efforts, and willingness to accommodate Amaya and do what's best for her on all levels (socially, academically, emotionally and physically). After I left I heard the fire alarm go off, so I hung around to see how Amaya would do. Me and Lidie watched from across the street and when things looked OK, we left. But, fifteen minutes later (as Lidie and I were about to start shopping at Costco) we got a text from Josh saying that Amaya was with him, crying and ready to go. Poor thing, she only lasted about an hour. The combination of pain, the fire alarm, the wind, then the cafeteria was a bit much for her. My heart broke for my sweet girl but, I was thankful that she was with dad. By the time I got there she was calm, but ready to go.

Later we went to Grandma Lilli's for some more pre-Easter fun. 

Amaya sporting a "candy" smile. This was a great distraction for Amaya, but after about an hour and a half she was tired and ready to go  home.

The girls had a bunny tea party, and another egg hunt.

Lidie enjoying her goodies.

This morning my brother offered to take the girls fishing at the lake by our house. The girls loved it!  

Amaya had a great time. She loves casting her line and taught me how to do it. She didn't catch anything, but I don't think she minded much. Just being out and "fishing" was enough for her. She lasted almost two hours, but then had a lot of knee pain so we went back home to rest for awhile.

Dad and Amaya fishing.

     Later we got to go to Grammy Diane and Grandpa Dave's house for some more Easter fun. Before we left the house though Lidie walked by Amaya and her rain boot got caught on Amaya's fixator and it tripped her and pulled on Amaya 's leg, double ouch! Then on the way to the bathroom Amaya was walking with her walker but decided to stop and adjust her sock, and let go of her walker then fell flat on her butt. Another ouch! Each time she gets hurt our heart stops. It's so nerve racking! She was okay both times, but she gave dad and I a scare. Amaya was a bit sore and cranky when we got to Grammy's house. And even though she wasn't too friendly with the adults she did work hard at being sweet to all the little cousins there. I love this picture of Seraphine grabbing onto Amaya's fixator so much (it doesn't hurt Amaya). It shows how gentle and accepting kids can be, and how sweet Amaya is. She let Seraphine touch it and grab it and then had Seraphine sit on her lap. 

The kids dyeing eggs.

Seraphine was singing and Amaya decided she wanted to be "in the audience" so she got out of her wheelchair and onto the floor. This is the first time she's been on the floor since her surgery. I was so proud of her for taking the initiative to do it and amazed at how well she did. Sorry the picture is blurry, but she kept scooting and I couldn't get a good shot.

After searching for eggs in her wheelchair the past two days she decided to try a new method; hopping about. Which was equally amazing and frightening for me. But, she did it!

Inspecting some eggs and Lidie trying to squeeze right next to her. 

     Amaya was sitting with Grandpa Dave then decided to transfer to the next chair by herself. I caught her as she started to transfer; you can see her balance on one leg so well. It's neat to see how well she does with only one foot. It'll be so much easier once she can fully bear weight on the left leg (in about a week).
     Amaya's knee is still bothering her alotAmaya has fallen asleep quickly (with a hot pad on her knee and us massaging her knee) but then will wake up about fifteen minutes later in a lot of pain (crying and screaming), then has a hard time going back to sleep. This has been wearing me and Josh out. It's almost like having a newborn again; the lack of sleep, and semi-sleep isn't restful for any of us. The only one getting good sleep is Lidie, thankfully. Let's hope her knee pain goes down a bit and that her calf and hamstring muscles will stretch and loosen up a bit for her. Speaking of lack of sleep, its after two in the morning so I'm off to sleep, goodnight.

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