amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Lift!

     Last night I got a bit of a break. My mother in law made us dinner, which was tasty and gave me one less thing to do. Amaya helped change her gauze again. She's so funny because she wants to do it, but while not looking. She said, "I don't want to see something gross."  Amaya fell asleep rather quickly but then woke up at eleven then again at three am. When she woke up at three she woke up Lidie with her loud cries. I ended up sitting on Amaya's bed, with Lidie on my lap, rubbing Amaya's foot and rocking Lidie. I felt like I had newborn twins. But, Sweet Lidie was so calm and patient. She wanted me to take care of Amaya so badly, "Mama, Amaya's crying" she kept saying. I was so tired, I almost fell sleep twice. This is the only time she's woken up during the night and not gone back to sleep easily.
     This morning at therapy during her stretches her muscles were tight. She wanted to ride the bike again. The first few pedals were tough again. She had a hard time pushing the pedals down at first, but then it became easier. "It doesn't hurt!" She said after a few minutes of pedaling. So how do you top bike riding? Easy, you ride up a hill...twice. I figured she'd want to do it eventually, but not so soon. And not only did she do it once, but twice. Going up was no easy feat. It took great effort, and determination. Her  initiative, and her hard work are very impressive! When she was done her legs were shaking from all the work they did! And what's even more impressive was that she didn't cry or whine or complain, just smiled. After the bike ride she still did more work on the bi-scooter that they call the "train." It forces her to push up and down with her thighs. Then came practice walking followed by knee bends. She got 95 degrees then 98. But wasn't happy with the results so she pushed for more and got 102 degrees.
     After her forty five minute session she was tired and sore so she asked if she could skip school today. I agreed. We went to Target to look for some shoes for her. I figured she'd pick a shiny, sparkly pair of slip on's, but after trying on several pairs she decided on a pair of Star Wars Clone Troopers tennis shoes. This girl is funny! And gender neutral, which is very cool! This is the first time that she could pick any pair she wanted. We didn't have to make sure they would work with a lift or go get a lift put on. Isn't that amazing?! It's easy to look over the miracle (for lack of a better word) that growing new bone is. It's amazing to me that in six weeks she has grown an inch and a half of new bone. And now she doesn't need a lift on her shoe. I'm even more grateful for that inch and a half because I know what it has taken to get it. How much pain she's had to endure, how much work its taken on her part and ours, and not to mention all the great work Dr.Nelson and his staff have done to prepare her leg for the lengthening and the monitoring they've done. It's definitely a team effort and we're lucky to have such a great team.
     On our way home we stopped to mail a package to Amaya and Lidie's pen pals in Washington. While we were at the post office we received a package from them. Amaya's face lit up! Her pain and discomfort was quickly replaced with excitement and joy! Thank you Ben, Zoe and Christine! Amaya got a super hero cape that is a "real super hero cape" and now she can be a "real hero." Lidie got a tutu that she loves!
   I'm about to start dinner then our bedtime routines. Hopefully tonight is a lot smoother and we all get more sleep. I'm so tired, that I knew if I didn't post now I would fall asleep and wouldn't get around to it today. There was so much to share I didn't want to risk it. Thanks again for reading, following along, and cheering us on!

Amaya drew this picture today of her and her friends. I like that she drew herself in her wheelchair.

Amaya stretching her leg. She looks so relaxed its a bit deceiving to the discomfort she was in.

When Amaya first got on the bike today. 

Amaya getting ready to ride down the hill.

Here's video of Amaya riding down the hall.

Here's Amaya riding down the hill for the first time.

Here's video from the way down. I love the smile on her face.

Melissa measured the bend in Amaya's knee while she was on the bike to see how far she could get on there. She got 94 then Amaya said, "I think we can do more." 

Amaya riding the "train" or bi-scooter. She had to work her legs to push herself forward, not an easy task.

Lidie practiced riding the bike after Amaya was done. 

Amaya got a package in the mail from her pen pals Ben and Zoe. She loves that the cape is in her favorite color and has her initial on it.

Lidie got a tutu form her pen pals. It's a "pink and purple, real life tutu!"

Amaya wearing her new super hero outfit. She said now she can be a "real hero."

These were Amaya's shoes before she had her surgery. They had a one and a half inch lift on them.

And these are her shoes now! No lift!

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