amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Monday, June 18, 2012

Field day

     Today Amaya woke up in better spirits but still had hip pain. We suggested she stay home from school, but she didn't want to miss out on field day(the P.E. teacher set up a lot of fun games and activities outside for all the kids). We knew it was going to be a long day because her therapy appointment wasn't until three. I was afraid how she would do for a full day of school with that much pain. But she insisted. Since I was already planning to go (her P.E. teacher had mentioned to us a couple of weeks ago that field day was coming up and that we should think about how we wanted Amaya to handle the day) we decided we'd let her try. Worse case scenario I would be there and could take her home if needed. Even though she was in a lot of pain today she kept up with her friends, and had a great time. Her class also had a picnic then watched a movie. I was with her the entire day and was able to help her with any pain. Thankfully she was distracted by all the fun. There were a couple of times when she was almost in tears from pain and her friends could tell. They came over hugged her, rubbed her back and comforted her. I gave them space and watched these kindergartners be so kind, loving and empathetic. It really is sweet to see.
During lunch Josh and I went across the street to get a drink and in those few minutes that we were gone she was in tears from pain. One of the rec. aides tried to find us, but wasn't able to. Thankfully one of Josh's coworkers, and our friend, Terry was able to be there for Amaya. She pulled her into her classroom and let her just be then called Josh. We quickly came back and got to comfort her. Josh rubbed her foot then talked with her. She decided she wanted to head back to class with me and stay that last hour. I am so thankful that there are so many wonderful teachers and staff at her school looking out for her. Later in the afternoon Amaya thanked Terry for taking care of her.
    After a long day of school (in pain) we still had therapy to do. Lidie had been with her grandparents all morning (thankfully, so I could focus on Amaya) and met us at therapy. Grammy got to go to therapy today and see what Amaya does. By this point I was so tired and ready for bed. We told Melissa about Amaya's fall and her hip pain. She looked at the pins; she also thinks they look good and free of infection(good news!). She checked Amaya's hip and then began a new stretch for Amaya's hip muscles.  She said we should do it for homework for the next few days to stretch the top quad (where her top thigh meets her underwear). We did it in bed and are going to do it before she gets out of bed, and before eh goes to sleep everyday. Melissa also suggested walking to help stretch that muscle( but she needs to make sure to take big steps with the right leg so that the left one is stretching). We think we'll have her walk using the walker more then sitting in her wheelchair so that she can walk and be stable enough to extend her right leg. After her stretches her starting measurement was at 48 (I had guessed 45). Amaya told Melissa that her goal for today was 80 (she had told me that earlier too, but I said that she needed to do her best and see what she got. She was afraid the pain would make it to hard to get past 80. But, I knew she could get to 90 if she tried, because her knee is getting so much more bend in it now.). Melissa told her to do her best and that her knee had such a good bend that she would have no problem passing 80.  We reminded Amaya to stay calm, focus, and use her arms to help her pull her body down then she began. Melissa asked her to do ten small pulls on the bench and she said "no, sixty." She quickly jumped to 60 then 70.  She worked hard and got to 80. But, before allowing her to quit there Melissa asked her to do some small pulls, and she did. She hit 90 a lot easier than she thought she would. It was less than ten minutes. The hip pain wasn't as intense then as it had been, although she did scream and cry. But just the "normal amount." It's funny how a certain level of pain can become part of your life. Amaya said she could feel a difference when she stretched it, hopefully we'll see an improvement in a few days. Melissa said maybe three to four days (if we keep doing the stretches at home).
Here she is at field day getting ready to bat. 
Here she is hitting. She had such a good hit! I was proud of her for getting out of her wheelchair to play thru the pain and for being one of the few girls who played the batting game. 
At the end while they sat listening to Mr.M another girl came over to talk to Amaya. She was so sweet and kind, and just happens to be in a wheelchair (permanently, it looks like). She leaned over to Amaya and whispered, "when he's done talking do you want to go play tether-ball?" Amaya smiled and said yes, and also mentioned frisbee. These girls live life to the fullest! Unfortunately, the girl had to return to class and Amaya had to go to recess. But, I was able to catch this photo of the girls' hand on Amaya's wheelchair; it was such a sweet moment. Later Amaya's teacher told me that, that girl was so excited when she saw Amaya in her wheelchair and had the biggest smile on her face. I could relate, because I've seen that smile on Amaya's face when she sees someone else like her. The other girls was happy to see a "new girl" just like her at school. Hopefully Amaya and her can have some play dates soon. 
Here's Amaya doing the new stretch with Melissa. Melissa had her lay neat to the edge of the bed, hug her right knee to her chest then let the left leg hang off the edge. She did three for a count of thirty. 
Next Amaya did several of the stand to sit exercises. She would sit while Melissa held her foot so that as she sits it stretches the knee and quad muscles. 
As you can see, its a painful stretch. Every time I type "standing to sitting" it sounds so easy and pain free, because it is for most of us. But for Amaya its a big stretch and each one gets harder and harder. I'm glad I captured two shots of her face showing how she feels as she does it. 
      After that she kept her left foot on the step then would step off with her right leg and then step back on. Again this sounds easier than it is for Amaya. She is stretching as she goes up and as she goes down. Amaya's grandma commented on how different it is in real life than reading it in a blog; more intense, and hard to see her in pain. Definitely! In fact Amaya's teacher mentioned something similar to me today. She sometimes has to hold her tears in when she sees Amaya in pain and puts on a brave face while she's there. She said she can't imagine what it's like for Josh and me. Sometimes I can hardly imagine that this is real. It is very difficult to watch Amaya in pain. But, we can't dwell on that because we have to take care of her, and Lidie.  So, that's why we continually appreciate all the love, help, encouragement, support, prayers, etc. that we get. It really helps sustain us so thank you.

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