amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Putting faces to the numbers

     Another good night and a good morning. After being up a few hours he said her hip hurt so we did her stretches and I gave her a hot pad. That seemed to do the trick, and she didn't need any pain meds. We didn't have therapy today until one so we enjoyed a calm morning at home. The girls played, dad slept in and I got caught up on chores and reading my book. I also re-ordered more gauze, tape and gauze rolls. I wasn't sure how much to order because I know we'd be going thru more as she got wet at the beach and at swimming class. Our last order lasted us about three months.  On the way to therapy we ran into some construction; our exit was closed and then there was traffic on the street and street construction as well. Thankfully I give us a "cushion" of fifteen minutes for days like these and we made it to therapy with five minutes to spare. As we walked in the receptionist was on the phone and just smiled at me, mouthed "I'll let her know you're here" then handed us our form. It feels so funny to be  known by face around there. When I walked by the scheduling office I looked in and waved at our friends in there. 
     Today I had a dentist appointment and had to leave twenty minutes into her session. I felt so strange leaving and not staying for the entire time. But, I knew that she could handle it with dad and Melissa. I wouldn't have done it during the lengthening, but now that things are a bit easier I felt okay leaving her with dad. Although I could have gone straight to the dentist and skipped those twenty minutes, it just wasn't something that I wanted to do. Even though it can be a pain to go to therapy every day I enjoy being there for Amaya and seeing her accomplish so much, and helping her reach her goals.
     After my dentist I ran into the grocery store real quick and ran into an old friend. She said that she reads our blog occasionally and is inspired by Amaya and thinks Lidie is pretty funny. She was hoping I had the girls with me so she could see them, but they were with dad.  Later at the mall I ran into an old coworker who also asked about the girls. She got to see them walking into the playground and said how well they were doing. It's nice putting a face to the people who read our blog. I usually just see a count of how many people read on a daily basis, which is encouraging. But its far more personal actually knowing who these people are. I know that some are friends, family, acquaintances and some are friends we haven't met yet, many live in countries all around the world. Whomever you are, thank you for reading along, for your time, your love, encouragement and support. It's nice that so many enjoy hearing about Amaya and our daily adventures.
Amaya found some sand on the bottom of  her fixator (it has so many little groves where it can hide). She decided to bang the fixator with a baseball to loosen the sand. It looked painful, but she said it didn't hurt her. So of course then Lidie asked, "can I do it too, Amaya?" I said no, since I didn't want any injuries so early in the morning. The rest of the sand came out in her shower tonight.
At therapy Amaya started by riding the bi-scooter.
Then she rode the bike. She rode it completely around the peds and adult gym. This is the longest she's ridden it with her fixator on. 
Lidie followed along. After the bike she bowled on the bike. She really enjoys bowling on the bike, so Melissa had her earn it, by riding the bike first. 
Look at that smile! Even after a long bike ride she can still put on a big smile.
Dad sent me this picture of her doing her bends. It doesn't look too exciting, but at least it gives you a visual of how she bends. She uses that blue bench to pull herself down, uses her body weight to pull her bottom down, lunges on her right leg and bends the left. Since I wasn't there I have no details about it other than that she hit 102!
She got to do a celebratory swing into the ball pit. 
While I was at the dentist dad took them to Chuck E. Cheese to finish the tokens we had saved up. Dad said she climbed onto the horse all by herself. 
Amaya decided to climb up the indoor playground. Dad said she started up there before he had a chance to stop her, but he figured she knows her body and her limits better than anyone. She did great.
They made it to the top!
What a creepy face! I can't tell if she's scared or being silly or both.
Dad sent me this picture. I love how silly Amaya is. Dad's text said, "Amaya thinks she's hilarious...just like her mama!" I think its pretty hilarious.
I met them at the mall with the indoor playground where the girls played for quite some time. I caught this picture of Amaya climbing off the side of the slide. She did so well maneuvering around the playground.

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