amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Could have been a snow day

    Yesterday morning we woke up to a little bit of snow. It wasn't enough to call a snow day, but enough to put chains on. Josh has quite a few non-work days to use so he was thinking about staying home, especially since we knew there would be more snow falling throughout the day. But Amaya had a physical therapy appointment and a pizza party at school that her and her classmates earned. She really didn't want to miss it because she's missed a lot of fun stuff this year because of doctor appointments, pain and therapy appointments. So Josh decided to go ahead and chain up. He took her to therapy then to school. Then he had to put chains on again and drive through snow to get back home. All to give her just a little bit of normal, that she deserves. 
    And while Josh was giving Amaya what she deserves I was giving Lidie what she longs for and deserves, a day off. We stayed home in pj's, read, played, colored, ate snacks, watched her favorite shows, and played in the snow. Lidie was so happy to stay home, without having to rush off anywhere. A day that didn't revolve around picking Amaya up, taking her somewhere then dropping her off, and waiting to pick her up again.  
    Both girls work hard, and have continually for almost a year now. So any chance to give them a break or a treat or a day off we try to give it to them. 
Josh and Amaya walking in to therapy under their bright umbrellas. Josh said that when they got inside and had to register under the new system the ladies inside said that Amaya looked so cute walking in with her lady bug umbrella. But since Josh couldn't find the black umbrella in the car he had to use Lidie's yellow duck one. So they probably got a kick out of that too. 

Josh said that when Amaya was working on the elliptical an older woman came over to talk to Amaya. She told her that she has been watching her and told her just how proud of her she was. Josh said he could tell how genuinely excited the woman was, but that Amaya got super shy and clammed up. 
Josh got this great shot of her jumping on the trampoline. Look how high she got!

When they started knee bends Josh sent me a text saying that her starting number was 124! That's seven degrees higher than her highest starting number yet (117 degrees). I guess our nightly physical therapy homework is paying off, because she hasn't gone to therapy since Monday. Amaya said that Melissa was "very happy" with her starting number. So were we. Josh said that when she started bends she instantly got serious and felt pain. I told him that unless people are there witnessing it, its hard to appreciate her work. This is a tough girl who never gives up. She worked hard and got her knee to 136 degrees, her highest number yet.
After therapy Josh treated Amaya to a donut.

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