amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lion King

      This week we went to Las Vegas, NV to see the Lion King. It was a birthday gift for Amaya from her grandparents and us.  It was wonderful! She loved it and had a great time. It was neat to see her so moved by the music, costumes, set design and puppets. At the end she stood up and gave a standing ovation.  This was so cute to see, especially since she's usually a bit reserved.  Seeing her so happy made my day! 

In the lobby at Mandalay Bay waiting for the show to start. The side ponytail was her idea.

Me and Amaya in the lobby.

The excitement is building!
Lidie cruised the Strip with her dad and got to pick some M&M's from the M&M store.

Here's Lidie strutting her stuff.

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