amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Highs and lows

We talked w/Dr.Nelson (Amaya is doing great!)
Amaya had two physical therapy sessions yesterday and did great.
Amaya got to be in the wheelchair twice!
Amaya and Lidie and us got to go to movie day and watched The Tooth Fairy 2.
Amaya got to visit with her friend Mason (who guessed correctly that the fixator was made of carbon fiber).
Amaya started eating and gaining an appetite (she started with some of her favorites; broccoli and veggie corn dogs).
Amaya let Mason and Lidie touch her fixator. She asked them to use a two finger touch like they did at the aquarium.
Amaya had some visitors.
Amaya has been helping move herself in and out of bed, into a wheel chair and into the potty.

Lidie has been crying and missing Amaya and "normalcy" her house, her bed, taking a bath, etc.
All that physical therapy leaves Amaya tired and cranky and not wanting to see or deal with many visitors.
Amaya has a small bed sore on her left heal.
Taking medications and getting in and out of bed is still scary for Amaya so she drags it out, cries, whines and wears us out.
We are so tired and worn out; all of us. We haven't slept well, and are tired on all levels (mentally, emotionally, and physically).

    This whole process is quite a roller coaster ride; full of ups and downs. Sometimes they come quickly or last a long time. But, thankfully we have had some moments of normalcy. And we're so grateful for all the love and support.
     I'll leave you with our highest high; we get to go home! We should be released within the hour!

Amaya cuddling the bear that the Clare Cherry School sent for her. 
She added the mask to make it a doctor.

Second time in a wheelchair that day, on our way down to Movie day.

Amaya showing Lidie her fixator. Lidie was so gentle. Amaya seemed to accept her fixator more once Mason and Lidie saw it and were okay with it.

Dad and Lidie doing some acrobatic moves.

Mason "swimming" in the fish tank.

Amaya "swimming" in the fish tank.

Amaya and Mason. 

"Doctor" Mason ready for surgery.

Amaya, Lidie and Mason hanging out in the lobby. It was nice seeing Amaya be "just a kid" when he visited. They found the masks and thought they were fun, so they started playing with them.


  1. Visiting her was one of Mason's highs too! He was very excited to see her and touch the carbon fiber fixator. You guys are doing a great job being strong for her. I loved the way her face lit up when she started talking about kindergarten crushes. Too funny! -Shannon

    1. Thank you both for visiting; we all enjoyed seeing you and watching the kids interact. Thanks for the kind words

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey. It is hard to look at the pictures knowing that Benjamin will have that same surgery soon. We are praying for rest and a sort of normal routine to happen. I pray that this experience with go as rapidly as possible. We are heading to California for Spring Break and would love to connect with you if possible.

    1. Thank you for following our journey. I'm sure Ben will do great with his surgery;he already did with his last one. Thanks for the support and well wishes.