amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Sunday, August 5, 2012

First swimming lesson

    This morning Amaya had her first swimming lesson through the PossAbilities organization. She was so excited! There were many people there and many instructors, so the ratios were two to one or one to one, which was nice. Its nice that they offer the swiming lessons to their members at no cost. Before the class started Amaya whispered to me, "I'm scared." But once she started she did great! Amaya was paired up with another girl who is autistic. Since it was the first lesson, the first few minutes were spent assessing where she was at with her swimming abilities.  Amaya has taken swim lessons before, but this is the first time with a fixator. Thankfully we were able to get some pool time in early this summer at Aunt Patty's.
   Today her teacher taught her two ways to kick: froggie style and straight up and down. Since she has a hard time moving her left leg, I'm glad she's learning new ways to kick her right leg. I can defintely see how it's helping her move in the pool. She also practiced diving down for rings, which she loved. It's amazing to see how loong she can hold her breathe and how calm she is under water. She has three more lessons and I'm excited to see how she'll grow in that time. We had a great time and look forward to next weeks lesson!
Amaya couldn't wait to get in the water so she walked in the shallow end with Lidie and Josh until class started.
Her teacher Devyn teaching her the froggie style way to paddle. I'm grateful that her teacher is kind, patient and nice.
Look at that smile!
Here she is diving down for rings. She did that about ten times. At the end of class she swam back and forth across the width of the pool and at the end stopped to pick up some rings. "You're a great swimmer!" her teacher commented at the end of class.

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