amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meeting Rory

    Yesterday we all woke up excited to meet our new/old friend Rory and her family. They are here visiting from Virginia Beach. They were in San Diego so we made the two and a half hour trip down to see them. We met them at the playground in Balboa Park and let the girls play for awhile before we made our way over to the science center. After playing and exploring for a few hours we headed to a restaurant for dinner.
     Meeting at the park was such a great experience. The girls started playing while Havalyn and I started talking. After a year of corresponding thru email, facebook and our blogs I already felt like close friends. It was so nice to talk with Jon and Havalyn in person, share our stories, and watch Rory play. Rory is such a sweet, spirited, funny, kind, and adventurous little girl. She also has PFFD like Amaya and is preparing for her first surgery this fall. When she's a bit older she'll have two lengthening surgeries.
     After spending the day with them, we weren't ready to leave! We decided to walk them back to their hotel just to extend our time with them. It's such a comfort to meet and talk with someone whos journey is so similar to ours. They share our challenges, fears, concerns, surgeries, etc.
       On the drive home Josh and I talked about how nice it was to spend the day with them. We've been so fortunate to make friends on this PFFD journey. Josh said that even though he's normally not a very outgoing person he felt so comfortable with them from the get go. It's funny how many similarities we have, down to the fact that we're all vegetarian. We sure do wish they lived closer. The girls are hoping to visit them in Virginia, but for now they've decided to be pen pals with Rory.
Rory hugging Lidie. Rory is such a sweet, loving girl who gives great hugs. 
Amaya and Havalyn talking. Amaya shared what it was like to have a fixator, answered any questions they had and shared her fixator with them and let Rory touch it.
Amaya swung on this cool playground equipment. 
Here's a clip of Amaya swinging on it. 
Which of course meant that Lidie wanted to try it too.
Next to try was Rory. Even though she's much younger than Amaya and Lidie she wasn't going to let that stop her. 
Amaya and Rory heading off to the playground to play. 
Amaya giving Rory a ride over to the science center. 
Here's a close up. Aren't they cute? 
Here's a close up of Rory while her mom held her.
How many girls can you fit on a wheelchair? Three. They were so cute.
Amaya playing with balls in the science center.  
Here's Rory playing with some magnets.
Our friends Jon, Havalyn and Rory. 

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