amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A hard year

    During this past year we had some tough days and moments. I mean really hard. Some days were tough and then had moments of extreme hurt, frustration, pain, exhaustion, etc. In those times of overwhelming pain, exhaustion and heartache Josh would remind me that everyone is struggling with something. Everyone has a struggle, a challenge, a burden that they're dealing with. Remembering that others have pain and struggles of their own gave me some comfort and reminded me to be empathetic and kept me from getting overwhelmed with self pity. Its comforting knowing we're not the only ones going through tough times.
      I'm not sure what struggles you've faced this year but here's some of the things our friends and family have dealt with this year; sickness, death, divorce, separation, cancer, job-loss, surgery to name a few. Even the positive things have brought added stress to their lives. Things like pregnancy, new jobs, birth, relocating, moving, etc. Everyone has something their dealing with. Something that adds stress or worry or challenges them. Something that hurts them and makes life much more difficult to face. But, the fact that we're not alone on this journey, that we have one another to lean on, to vent to, to rely on, to face the day makes life bearable.
     This year has taught me that we are able to lessen the load of those around us, to brighten their day, to give them comfort and hope.  I've learned the power of empathy and kindness. And that our humanity binds us. If you're having a tough time know that you are not alone. Know that I send you my comfort, hope and love. You can email me, as others have, to vent and to share this journey called life.
   And I owe a great thank you to those who have lessened our load, brightened our day, offered comfort, joy, allowed us to vent, shared their friendship, and given of themselves. I am forever grateful.
I found this picture and quote on Facebook. It instantly caught my eye. It pretty much speaks for itself, a calm reminder to be kind to others.

     Below is a link to a music video called Everybody Had a Hard Year by Marz. Josh played this song for me several times when I was sad and overwhelmed. It calms me and comforts me. I hope it does the same for you too. It reminds me that we're all linked together in this journey called life. We all share life, journeys, challenges and experiences. Sorry I could only find this version that doesn't have the complete song. You can search on YouTube for it. There's also another version that I like just as much. It's by HASYMO and I added it below this one. I hope you enjoy them both. They both bring tears to my eyes and fill me with emotion.

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