amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Monday, November 12, 2012

To bounce or not to bounce

   This weekend we went to a birthday party for our friends Abby and Alex. At the party there was a bounce house, which the girls were excited to bounce in. Amaya asked if she could bounce in it, and I wasn't quite sure what to tell her. She just had her fixator removed three weeks ago, and even though Dr. Nelson said Amaya was cleared to fully weight bear, I wasn't sure if that meant it was okay to bounce. Josh told Amaya that she could try it. He said she's good about listening to her body and would know if it was too much or hurt (she does a great job of listening to her body and only doing what she's comfortable with). Plus she was one of oldest kids at the party and the biggest kid in the bouncer so we didn't have to worry about bigger kids being too rough or hurting her. She went in and did great! She stayed by the side so she wouldn't have to worry about other kids falling and bumping into her leg. She said it didn't hurt and had lots of fun. Here's some pictures and video from the day.
Look at her go!
She got so high!
You can see that when she jumped she was putting most of her weight on her right leg. She's good about doing things in a way that allows her to do stuff but without putting herself at risk.
Later that day we went to the mall. Amaya walked the entire length of the mall! It was hard work, but she did it! That was the most she's walked with her walker since her fixator was removed three weeks ago. She walked fast for this part but still had a hard time stepping with her heel first. Then she played in the indoor playground.
In the playground at the mall she climbed up on this car all alone. With Josh's help she would jump off. It was nice to see her find a way up there. If you're wondering who the cute baby is, its my nephew Nixon. 

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