amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Saturday, November 3, 2012


    This morning I was watching Tangled with the girls. As we watched the scene in the Snuggly Duckling where they sing the song "I have a Dream" I noticed for the first time then I pointed out to the girls that Hookhand sings, "...Though I do like breaking femurs you can count me with the dreamers..." I pointed out that he likes breaking femurs and was about to tell Amaya that that was what she had done. She interrupted me and said, "Man I don't want my femur broken. I've already had surgery there and I don't want anything else." I smiled and bit my lip. She in fact has had her femur broken, but maybe she doesn't need me to remind her of that. I've explained it to her before, but maybe she's choosing to ignore that fact. I don't blame her. Ignorance is bliss.
   Then I caught myself thinking 'don't femurs take a long time to heal?' It's the biggest and strongest bone in your body after all. Then I had a flashback to one of the PFFD blogs that I read as we prepared for Amaya's lengthening. After their son had his rod put into his femur his femur broke and his rod came out of the femur and he had to be taken into surgery to correct it. To add to that craziness they had to fly to Florida like that. I know that's a pretty rare case, but I still have a bit of worry and wonder in the back of my mind. But, I'm optimistic and hopefull. Things have gone so well up to this point, she's had excellent care, and has healed so nicely. So I'm hoping for the best, but can't seem to stop the worrying. Wish me luck, it seems that a mother's heart worries and wonders and is constantly thinking of all the possibilities (good and bad).

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