amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lidie's acceptance

     When we went to the chiropractor's office this week Lidie brought her amputated Barbies with her. She asked if she could bring one of them in to "get adjusted." I of course said yes. When we were inside she showed off her Barbie to several people and told them about the Barbie's amputation, how we did it (we cut them off with scissors), and why they needed it. Some people giggled, some thought it was cute, and I'm sure some were a bit confused. I told them that after seeing Soul Surfer Lidie wanted a  Bethany Hamilton Barbie with an amputated arm. Since they don't make them, she asked if we could make our own. I explained that amputations, limb loss, and prosthetics are a normal part of Lidie's life because she sees so much when we go to appointments at Dr. Nelson's office and especially at physical therapy. To her amputations, limb loss and prosthetics are normal and a part of everyday life. She's asked us several times why there aren't any people on TV with prosthetics, or dolls with prosthetics. It doesn't make sense to her. As I explained all that to them, people were intrigued and smiled. One of the doctors said that we'll never know where that will lead her later in life. He said that she might want to be a nurse or design prosthetics or something else in that field. All because she got such early exposure to it all.
    I wonder if she will decide to pursue something along those lines. Whether she does or doesn't I know that she will always take her empathy, acceptance, and understanding with her. At age three she's already learned to accept people, to smile, to not stare, to ask questions, that we're all different and that is okay, that all people should be represented in toys, television and daily life, and that limb loss doesn't limit someone. She has much to teach the world! She's amazing!
Here's Lidie with a couple of her amputated Barbie's. The one on the left has her right arm amputated below the shoulder. The one on the right has her left arm amputated just below the shoulder (due to a shark attack) and then both legs amputated at the knee (also from a shark attack). She also has a polly pocket with an amputated arm and another with no legs.

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  1. Lidie is a Spokesperson for the cause!!! How awesome is that!