amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eye appointment

     First of all let me start by thanking all of you. After my post yesterday I got to talk to several of you about our appointment. Many of you let me vent, consoled me, offered encouragement and offered to help anyway you can and to watch Lidie during appointments to give her (and I) a break. I sincerely appreciate all your kindness. I'm grateful for your friendship and support. It's clear I need some help and I'm glad that I have many willing people around. 
   I'm still frustrated and upset about a possible surgery, still anxious and worried about her heel. But, like all things, we'll deal with them, and move on. Like I tell Amaya, "you've survived a fixator, you can handle pretty much anything." So we'll survive this too. It just stinks, that's all.
   Another thing I haven't mentioned is that at Amaya's eye exam on Friday they got some really high readings on her eye pressure test. We went in for a routine eye check-up because we thought she needed glasses, which she does and she's excited to get. But, while we were there they kept re-testing her eye pressure. All her readings were between twenty-one and twenty-nine. The optometrist said that anything over ten is considered high. One of the assistants said that the reason they were so concerned and kept testing it was because "it can be a sign of glaucoma" and "which can lead to blindness." 
     The eye doctor gave us a referral to an eye doctor (different than an optometrist, one that's a doctor of the actual eye itself). The specialist will check her eye to see if she really does have elevated eye pressure, why she does, if she has glaucoma, and what to do from there. So between that appointment on Friday and yesterdays I was spent. Drained, worried, frustrated and trying super hard "to not worry or freak out." Not to mention feeling like, "hey can't Amaya (and us) just get a break?! Can things not be an issue for once?!" (Not sure if that makes sense).
    So I still have moments of frustration, fear, worry, wonder, anxiety, emotion but I also have moments of peace and hope. So thank you all for your care, concern and friendship. Will you continue to send good thoughts and prayers our way and Rory's (she's our two year old friend with PFFD. She's recovering from a super hip, super knee surgery and had to have another surgery today). 
Here's the foam that we used to put to on Amaya's heel. After her shower I had to replace it with a new piece. 
Here's what her heel looks like. It's funny, it doesn't look that bad. It's a bit puffy, and pink, but that's about it.  
Here's the tape they gave us to tape the foam on. Amaya said she liked it because it didn't hurt when she pealed it off.  
And here's what her heel looks like after I taped it (and Lidie helped). She said she could feel it during the day a little bit and it was uncomfortable. She also didn't like the foam thing she's wearing around her heel to bed. She said its too hard to move during the night and it feels heavy like a cast. 

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