amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Other therapists

   Every time that we're at a physical therapy appointment the other therapists smile at us, cheer Amaya on, and laugh at Lidie's silliness. They seem to genuinely care about Amaya's progress, and are patient with Lidie. I am always grateful for their kindness. At our session on Monday one of the therapists, Mark, asked me how Amaya was doing. He asked about how she was recovering, how her pain was, how she was healing, and how she was sleeping. I told him about what life was like now compared to when she had the fixator on (the rough nights, the wound care, the pain, etc.). He was sympathetic and very happy to hear that she was pain free and doing so well. He said he was happy to see her make progress at therapy. I thanked him for his kindness and interest in Amaya. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The therapists at the Loma Linda Outpatient and Rehab Facility are kind, loving, sincere, and make our sessions that much more bearable. I'm thankful for the excellent care Amaya receives and the kindness we are shown. It makes therapy enjoyable.
After massaging Amaya's leg Melissa had her walk back and forth on the balance beam. Amaya kept her balance pretty well.
After walking forward and backward several times Melissa had Amaya stop at one end of the balance beam and give her high fives. You can see Amaya turned her toes in to help keep her balance. Melissa had her straighten her feet then try it again.  
You can see how long the hallway was that Amaya pulled herself down. She was tired, abut never gave up! 
Here's Amaya pulling herself down the hall. When she finally made it to the end Lidie and I cheered her on.
It took Amaya quite a few minutes to get down the hall (it was hard work). While she waited Lidie decided she would "teach" me how to run. Any Phoebe Buffay fans out there?
Melissa pulled Amaya up the hill and helped her down it. Amaya really enjoyed that.
Melissa had Amaya work on here with only her left leg. 
She had her bend her leg as much as she could and then straighten it as much as she could. 
Amaya worked on the elliptical again today. It seems like its getting easier for her each time. 
Back in the kids gym Amaya kicked the soccer ball back and forth. 
    Here's Amaya working hard to get those last few degrees on her knee bends. You can tell by her face that it was uncomfortable, and a bit painful. But she kept at it and her hard work paid off. She started at ninety one degrees and pushed herself up to 104 degrees! The nice thing is that it seems that the pain is only momentary. Once she's done it goes away. Since she started (two weeks ago) she hasn't needed any pain medication before, during or after therapy. She also doesn't need any before bed or during the night. She does have me massage her feet before bed, especially the left one that seems to be sore and tired by the end of the day. 
Melissa let the girls jump into the ball pit after a hard days work. 
After a jump in the ball pit both girls had major static in their hair.  

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