amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Boy Who Grew Flowers

     I first heard about this book over the summer as I read through someone else's blog. They found it by chance at their local library. I found it on Amazon for one cent. Including the cost of shipping it brought the cost to just four dollars; what a deal! The book is about a boy (Rink) who's a bit strange, in that he grows flowers all over his body during a full moon. He befriends the new girl in town, Angelina Quiz. He liked her because she was "forthright, honest and kind." Angelina's right leg is one inch shorter than her left leg. Rink decides to make Angelina some snake skin shoes for her to dance in. He makes a pair of shoes for her, and he makes the right shoe one inch taller than the left so she can stand "true, and straight and tall."
     I was excited to share the book with Amaya and with other PFFD families. Last night Josh read it to her for the first time before bed. She liked it a lot and said it was "pretty cool." I liked that one of the characters has a limb length discrepancy, just like Amaya. It's important for her to see others like her in books. It's important for her to know that even though you're different your similar to others. I like that Rink liked Angelina for the person she was and didn't let her leg influence his opinion of her. I also liked that Rink put so much time, effort and care into Angelina's shoes. The friendship, kindness, empathy and care shown in this book reminds me of all the many friends that Amaya has had over the years. Friends who are kind, loyal, empathetic, accepting, thoughtful and loving. I'm grateful for the tenderness of the children that have been so kind to Amaya. They have loved her for her, that's what she needs and deserves.
     For those of you interested in getting the book, it's called The Boy Who Grew Flowers by Jen Wojtowicz. It's published thru Barefoot Books.

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