amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Writing worksheet

      As I emptied Amaya's backpack and folder I found the worksheets she had worked on that day in class. I actually really enjoy this, it gives me a small glimpse into what she's working on in school and how she's doing. Her teacher, Mrs. Griessbach is wonderful. Just a great teacher and we are so happy Amaya has her for kindergarten. Mrs. Griessbach is so sweet and thoughtful and writes notes for us and Amaya on the worksheets. I always wonder how she has time to do that for all her students. One sheet in particular was so cute, I had to include it. 

     I'm not sure if you can read the writing, but she wrote "Amaya was excited to see this chair!" And "I can't wait to push you when your arms get tired."  I thought it was so sweet that not only did she offer to help Amaya but, she also recognized that Amaya will want to push herself around.  Last time she had her surgery and was in a wheelchair (for four weeks) she was so independent and wanted to push herself around. She was quite proud of her mobility and her "driving" skills. 
      Once again, Amaya has been fortunate to have a wonderful teacher to help her after her surgery. Thanks to Ms. Tamara, Ms. Rosanda and Mrs. Griessbach.  All these teachers went above and beyond to help Amaya and I'm forever grateful.

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