amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another rough night

     Today Amaya woke up with quite a bit of knee pain. She had such a rough night last night and didn't sleep well at all. She complained of knee pain and needed me to massage her knee, took two doses of pain meds during the night and had a hot pad on it throughout the night. Even though she woke up in pain she still walked up the stairs by herself. She's walked up and down them several times. Usually Josh or I spot her as she climbs, but today she went down on her own and when I reminded her that we need to spot her. Lidie informed me that she was spotting her. At therapy Melissa taped Amaya's knee first thing, it seemed to help control Amaya's knee pain over the past couple of days . Wish us a good night's rest, we're all a bit tired. I'm always amazed by Amaya, no matter how rough her night was, she doesn't let it affect her day; what a trooper!
    Below you can see everything else that Amaya did at therapy today.

It doesn't look like Amaya is doing anything, but she actually is. The thing she's sitting on rocks from front to back, so she was bending her legs to go forward and back.

Standing on a step Amaya was bending and squatting. Kim said that the squatting we're doing at home is helping keep her knee mobile.

While Amaya was working on bends, Lidie decided to work on her balance.

Kim had Amaya bend while she was standing on that step, then reach down to pick up a bean bag then throw it. She did ten of these.

Lidie tried using the bi-scooter that Amaya sometimes uses. She had a hard time getting some momentum, which showed me how hard Amaya has to work her knee to get it moving.

This picture is a bit blurry, but shows how Amaya does her squats with Kim before she measures her knee. This is still very painful for Amaya. I sat next to her and she leaned over to me in pain. It was so sad, but I had to stay strong (even though a part of me would like to just take her home). I moved in front of her so that as she squatted she would lean into me. Kim measured and Amaya was able to pass her goal of 91. She got 92 today! 

Amaya and Lidie played in the water table with dolls and soap. It's nice to see Amaya move around the house (without her wheelchair or walker)playing. 

Amaya doing her new homework that Melissa suggested we do. She puts her legs up on the wall and lets gravity slowly pull it down. Melissa suggested she do it for twenty minutes. She was a bit scrunched in our hall there so I moved her by the front door and she had more room and did much better there.

Here she is by the door doing it. In just five minutes I could tell that her knee had bent as her foot slipped down the wall. 

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