amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Three turns

     So after sixty-six days of turns (at four turns a day, 1 mm per day) we're dropping down to three turns a day. We'll be doing it for three days (today-Friday) in hopes of giving Amaya a bit of a break (from tight muscles and hip pain). Up to this point Amaya has gained approximately sixty-six millimeters (6 cm and 6 mm, 2.59 inches) and is just 14 mm short of our goal of 8 cm (3.1 inches). Dropping down our turns is going to add .75 mm to our schedule (one three turn day). So instead of being done in fourteen days its fifteen days. I'm not disappointed (neither is Amaya) because I'm so glad that she's been able to keep the pace that she has for so long.
    Before therapy we listened to Amaya's song and she let me know that she was going to work hard like yesterday and do her best (she's awesome!). When we got to therapy Melissa told me that she suggested that we drop down to three turns. She was concerned with the pain Amaya has been having in her hip (so am I) and the tightness of her muscles. I showed her the picture of Amaya's top pin site and Melissa was concerned that it might be infected (that could be why she's in so much pain). She put a call in to Dr.Nelson to see what he thinks about starting Amaya on antibiotics, but we didn't hear anything back yet.

Therapy today started with walking and stepping over blocks. Again Amaya had a hard time bending her knee enough to lift it over the blocks.

Next, she rode the bi-scooter down the hall and back.

Back in the peds gym she had to use her knees to pull herself forward on the scooter. It took great effort for her to bend and pull herself. After that she had to go from a standing position to a sitting position. It was very difficult for her to bend her knee and it caused her some pain. The last thing was measuring the knee. It took almost twenty minutes to get her knee to ninety degrees. It was tough, but she never gave up. She found a new way to measure that we'll try again tomorrow(a modified form of sitting and squatting).  

After therapy we headed over to the Loma Linda University campus for their annual event, Children's day. Lidie was excited to ride the "bus" (van) from the parking lot over to the campus. We met lots of people and  learned about different things going on in the hospital and campus. It's always nice to do hospital related things that don't involve surgeries, IVs or shots. It was nice for the girls to get out and enjoy the day there, and a good distraction for Amaya from her pain. 

Amaya took her bear Rosie to the "teddy bear clinic" for a check-up. Amaya was most impressed that the nurses used a real needle to give Rosie her shot. 

Here's Lidie's monkey, Color getting measured. Lidie loved seeing her monkey be a patient.

     Amaya got a finger cast put on, but Lidie wanted nothing to do with a cast. The girls also got to look inside of an ambulance, police car, and fire truck. They even got to spray the water hoses and pet service dogs that visit patients in the hospital (Amaya is hoping for a visit next time she's there). All in all the girls had a great time; Lidie's favorite was riding the van, and Amaya's was getting the cast and playing the games. Although we had lots of stares and two girls pointing and talking about Amaya on the bus, (that she noticed), we did get lots of kind words, friendly smiles, and encouragement. And on the way out three dental students helped me carry the wheelchair in and out of the van (they were so helpful, and I was grateful for the help). 
     On the ride home Lidie asked Amaya, "Amaya does cuddling help you?" Amaya replied, "Yes, Lidie. I love cuddles from you, they make me feel so much better."  Later Amaya told me, "don't worry mom. I'm not going to fire you. Even if you do something wrong like hit my fixator or pull my skin on accident. You'll be my mom forever." These girls are funny.
   At home we watched another inspirational movie, Miracle (about the 1980's U.S. hockey team). Amaya loved it; she's becoming quite the fan of underdogs in movies. During the movie I massaged her knee and let her enjoy a a snack. She cried out several times with hip pain (it seems to come and go). Before showering we did stretches and exercises (we're working hard at home to maintain her range of motion in the knee). She was asleep by seven thirty and has been sleeping since (thankfully).


  1. Sounds like Amaya is really keeping on, isn't she!? I like her finger cast too... My mom used to bring home old cut casts that we'd play with :)

  2. Way to go Amaya! That is great she has gained so much length and so close with only 15 days left!! It looks like the girls had a fabulous time at Children's Day :-)

    1. Thanks Cally, I'm still amazed by how well she's done and how much bone she's grown.