amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


   Here's the post I didn't get to write yesterday because Amaya had a rough night (which meant I did as well). She had a hard time falling asleep. She complained of knee pain and didn't fall asleep until ten then woke up at eleven, one, three, four, five and six. It was rough. Josh wonders if maybe having her knee un-taped (Melissa took off the tape yesterday) was the cause. She hasn't been complaining of as much knee pain when her knee was taped. Melissa reapplied the tape today, so we'll see how she does tonight. I'm so tired, so I hope it goes well.

Amaya rode the bike into a new gym.

She used this machine and did ten leg bends.

She walked up stairs for the first time (at physical therapy. On Sunday morning she got herself upstairs all by herself). They made sure she alternated her steps for each step and that she stepped heal to toe. It took some concentrating, but she did pretty good. She did this set of stairs first, they're smaller than normal ones.

Then she walked down the normal size steps. 
These forced her to bend her knee more which is a great stretch.

When she needed a break she bounced and balanced on this ball.

Amaya helped remove the tape from her knee.

Amaya climbing into the ball pit. She uses her fixator as a handle to move her leg.

Lidie and Amaya playing in the ball pit.

     After all that work she did knee bends and I wondered if she'd get to ninety. As she started squatting Kim measured 64, then 74 then 89. At 89 Amaya held the bend to a count of thirty.  On the next bend she was able to get 91! They said that our work over the weekend helped and paid off. They said we don't have to worry about hitting ninety at home, but to keep up our work. Taking two days off would really set her back, and we would hate for that to happen. Melissa said that a good routine to follow is massage, stretches and work then apply a hot pad. She also said that we could apply a heating pad while Amaya is doing her stretches so that her muscles might "give" a little more. To celebrate Amaya asked for a bottle of sparkling cider. We've been doing a lot of celebrating, because each day that she reaches ninety or over is hard work and deserves to be celebrated. Luckily, she's content with simple treats (something from the dollar section at target, cider, licorice,etc.). It's definitely not easy, but having a countdown (about twenty-two days left of lengthening is very motivating and encouraging). At home Amaya did some more practice on the stairs; she did great!

On the way out she had to squeeze by this car who parked on the sidewalk in the disabled section. 
One more obstacle for Amaya to conquer.

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