amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Friday, May 4, 2012


      I'm going to try to keep this short, because I'm very tired tonight.  Amaya had a rough night last night; she woke up three times with knee pain, needed more pain meds. I massaged her knee and stayed awake with her. This morning she was up at five thirty, but dad let me sleep in.
     We did our physical therapy homework in the morning before our appointment. We were a bit late to to the appointment because of construction on the freeway. So although Amaya wanted to walk to her appointment, she used her wheelchair to save some time (she's beginning to use the walker more than the wheelchair now). She walked alone out to the adult gym where she walked in the parallel bars and stepped over the "gumdrops." She rode the bike today, but had a harder time than last time. She was able to get 93 degrees in her knee bends today! Her goal was 95, but she was able to get the 93 on her own, by squatting which is cool. She got to play in the ball pit as a reward, but first had to walk up three steps to get to them. Melissa gave us homework for the weekend; keep up the work! Do massages on the knee, bends, ride the scooter and bike, stretch the knee, etc. We have to work hard to not loose what she's gained.
     Melissa said that after the lengthening is done it'll be awhile before Amaya's muscles catch up to the bone growth, so she'll continue with the knee bends for awhile. She said because Amaya does so well, catches on quick and works hard it'll be about a month.
    After some errands Amaya was tired and in pain but insisted we stop by her school to drop off her homework and pick up a new packet. She used her walker there then walked without it for her teacher and friends. They were impressed! She talked with her friends, read and visited. I got to update her teacher on everything that's going on. She said she's so proud of Amaya and said that she thinks Amaya is destined for greatness. Wow, I'm touched when others see the greatness in Amaya. Hopefully once Amaya is done lengthening she won't miss so much school.
     At home we did more knee bends, and massages. After her shower I had to push the skin down on her pin sites above the knee. Yikes! It was painful and scary for Amaya and uncomfortable for me. When I was done I explained that I had to do it to help ease her pain (it's been stretching and pulling her skin). When she calmed down she thanked me then said, "mom, I'm so thankful for you guys helping me. Lidie helps distract me from my pain, you help take care of my fixator and stuff, and dad keeps me calm." My sweet, kind girl. I love her so. Last night she said that she hopes she keeps her scars her whole life so that if she ever has a tough time she can look at her scars and remember that she had a fixator when she was six and six and a half, and if she could deal with that then she can deal with anything. Amaya has a sweet, wise soul.

My sweet girl smiling before bed. She was happy the bar was able to get in her fixator so easily.

Stepping over the gumdrops; a big improvement since the last time she did this.

Riding the bike was tough, but she kept at it.

Here's Amaya's new way to stretch the knee for her measurement. The squat is easier; gravity helps her and she can push her bottom down instead of trying to keep it on the table. 

Kim stretching and massaging Amaya's knee.

Melissa brought over a skeleton to show Amaya what her bones where doing. Lidie and her thought it was super cool!

 The skeleton's knee at a 90 degree angle. 

Walking over to the ball pit with only one finger on Kim's hand for balance and support.

Amaya climbing up the steps into the ball pit. This is the first time she's walked up steps.

Silliness in the ball pit.

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