amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back to school

     Amaya had another good night, with little moaning. This morning she started having some pain on the side of her knee, but with Tylenol and me squeezing it she did fine. Today Amaya went to school for the longest time since her surgery. She was there for two and a half hours and did excellent! When she got home I asked her how it went and she said, "great! No pain at all. I only put my foot up twice." Dad said that when he picked her up after school she had a moment of pain and cried. As soon as he gave her some Tylenol she calmed down quickly. I was impressed that she was willing to go, and that she went even after her morning session for physical therapy. Amaya continues to show us just how resilient she is.Tonight she fell asleep by seven thirty, so you can tell she was very tired from such a demanding day.

The girls cuddling at the chiropractor's office.

Amaya walked into therapy with her walker today (I adjusted it today to make it higher for her. I had to lift it up by two notches then it fit better.) Here she is walking in a circle stepping over the blocks (to work on lifting and bending her knee). As always Lidie is right there with her doing "her therapy."

After jumping on the trampoline she walked off the trampoline, then went from standing to sitting several times. She had to work hard to not have "crazy hips." That's when she has a hard time bending and ends up sticking her hip up in a crazy angle. She said she could feel a stretch in her hip.

Amaya walked up the stairs and climbed into the ball pit.

Amaya did some stretches while sitting on top of the "foam mat thing."

     Today when Amaya started her knee bends Kim measured her knee and it was at 38 degrees. We knew we had our work cut out for us. After a few minutes she got her knee to sixty then seventy then eighty degrees. Melissa kept saying, "you're on fire today!" She was working so hard. There's always a moment when I can tell that her pain is getting intense, and that she's getting tired. My momma heart starts to ache, and I just want it to be over for her sake. At that point she said, "I'll try." She never gives up, then in a few strong pushes (she pushes her bottom down, her knees down and pulls herself down with her arms)she got to ninety! At that moment she's exhausted, crying, in pain and happy that its over. Today she was able to get to ninety in less than fifteen minutes (that's the quickest she's been able to do it in a few weeks. She's been taking fifteen to twenty minutes or more).  Since her hip pain and pin sites weren't bothering her the only pain she was dealing with was her quad muscle stretching (which is normal) and helped her reach her goal quickly.  

At Amaya's school Amaya gave Lidie a ride. They've perfected the wheelie.  

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