amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Friday, May 25, 2012

A day with dad

     Josh got to take today off from work so we get an extra long weekend with him. The girls and I enjoyed spending the extra time with him. We had a great time. Here's all we did today; got donuts on the way to school (even though Amaya said they're too sugary), took Amaya to school, went to Target, picked up Amaya from school, went to therapy, went to the hospital cafeteria for lunch, ran an errand, went to the fair then came home and got ready for bed. A fun and busy day.
     At school Amaya did great again. She was only there for an hour and a half (they had minimum day today so she didn't return) but is looking forward to going back next week. While she was there she was assessed in her reading and did excellent. She read words at the 2nd and 3rd grade level at 106 words per minute. That's pretty impressive! Especially considering how much school she's missed and all that she's been dealing with. Dad and I are so proud of her.
   At therapy she started by walking, then rode the bike, bowled with the scooter, did bends, got new tape on her knee (it continues to help alleviate her knee pain). Melissa noticed that Amaya's scar on her thigh is better, but suggested we keep massaging it. She said it only dimples in on one side, instead of all of it, which is better than before (when it dimples it can pull on the muscles underneath and make stretching difficult). Amaya's knee measured at 38 at starting, but she quickly got up to 52 then 60 then 70. Kim added some fun to the bends and gave Amaya rewards after she hit 70 and 80. She did a monkey dance then shuffled; she's a sport and certainly helped distract Amaya from her pain. It took about fifteen minutes for her to reach her goal, but she did it. She was able to hit 91 today! She was in a lot of pain afterwards and was a bit grumpy to us all, but quickly pulled it together. I'm still amazed that she can reach over 90 so close to the end of her lengthening (ten days to go!). Melissa encouraged us to work hard over the long weekend so that next week isn't so hard on Amaya.
    Amaya had another fall today. As we were leaving the hospital I was pushing her in the wheelchair and as we were going thru the parking lot her left leg touched the floor, got caught and caused her to fly out onto the floor. I let out a scream, panicked for a second, then thought, 'well at least we're already at the hospital.' But, thankfully the only thing that was sore was her foot. She managed to not hurt her fixator or leg.  After a few minutes her pain went away.
Sorry this one is so blurry, but Amaya was walking so fast. She wanted to bring her wheelchair in (to ride in after therapy out to the car; when she's tired). she pushed Lidie in because she didn't need it yet. Lidie got a kick out of it, as did everyone  else.

Amaya riding the bike today. She was able to get her momentum pretty easily and did great.

Amaya bowling with the scooter. 

Dad took this video of Amaya doing stretches with Kim and caught Lidie being silly (she did it several times and it was very entertaining for dad and I). I overheard Amaya say, "I like bending." Kim couldn't believe Amaya said that, its the toughest part. But she's funny like that. I think she just likes to get it over with. 

Josh playing dinosaurs with Lidie at therapy. 

I love this picture of Josh and Lidie at the petting zoo at the fair. We got to pet ducks, chickens, a donkey, a kangaroo, goats, llamas, and baby goats (yes I know their called kids, but if I said we pet kids, you might think I met children. ha ha)

Amaya  brushing a donkey. 

Then some of the animals started to try to eat our clothes. The girls thought that was pretty funny.

After we watched a clown show the girls got clown noses and posed with the clowns. 

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