amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Thursday, May 3, 2012


    Woohoo! We got ninety-four today! I couldnt' believe it. When Kim said "ninety-four." I was in such disbelief I  said, "are you kidding?" But, it was true. Our hard work payed off. We did our physical therapy homework last night, this morning as well as several massages on her quad muscles. And we've been vigilant about not letting her leg rest (not letting her prop it up on the couch or hold it up straight). Instead we make sure that she is always bending her knee. I noticed this morning that her knee was a bit better than yesterday. She was able to keep her knee bent for longer times than yesterday, but her thigh muscle was still tight.
     This morning after I massaged her knee and thigh I did her physical therapy exercises with her. Then helped her with her school homework. She did great with both. On our way to therapy we talked again about goals for today. We talked about yesterday and that we cannot have a repeat of that. I reminded Amaya that it was okay to feel pain but not okay to yell, scream or lift her bottom up off the mat during her knee bends. We talked about good ways to deal with pain, and I reminded them of "step one" (dad always says this to us) which is remain calm. And our rules; Be Safe and Be Kind. On our way we met dad and he suggested that Amaya make a goal for today's number for knee bends. He said 93, I said 91 and she said 94. I love the high goals she sets for herself.
     At therapy Amaya decided to walk in on her walker and not use her wheelchair. She did great, and surprised her therapists. Today Amaya started by jumping on the trampoline, then walked out into the adult gym where she used the same machine she used last week. Kim noticed that Amaya was actively pushing with her left knee today and didn't need to be reminded to use it. Back in the children's gym Amaya kicked a soccer ball behind her and then we started to do knee bends. She did great. She lifted her bottom, but only to bend her knee on the ground. It helped her bend it more and we'll try it again tomorrow. She did great, and was able to get ninety four degrees! We were all so excited and happy!  The combination of extra work, her goal and doing the stretches after the work made a huge difference! Melissa said that today was a thousand times better than yesterday. On the way out a woman stopped Amaya in the hall. She said that she recognized her and asked where her wheelchair was. She told Amaya that she had seen her around the gym and that she was doing a good job and proud of all her hard work. Amaya smiled and thanked the woman.
    Afterwards we went to see our good friend uncle Micah. He's a chiropractor and after our accident we figured it would be a good idea to have him check us all out. He said that Lidie, Amaya and I all need to be adjusted. Amaya has two areas that are in the black (on a nerve scan of her spine). Micah said that he would like to treat Amaya and help her nerves as she goes thru the rest of her lengthening. I'm so thankful for Micah and the many people who have offered to help us on this journey.

I got a couple of shots of these two cuddle buddies outside of therapy.

Here's Amaya jumping on the trampoline.

Amaya working on the machine in the adult gym. Look at those knees bend!

I love this look; kind of mischievous, kind of sweet.

Amaya kicking the soccer ball backwards.
As a reward, Amaya got to play in the ball pit today.

Then she didn't want to get out. Here she was standing in the ball pit.

Then she wouldn't get out; Melissa had to "help" her out.

Then she asked if she could reach and grab onto the bar. She's getting enough courage to swing on the bar into the ball pit.

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