amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


    This Sunday we took the girls to Hollywood after Amaya did her physical therapy stretches. She's been wanting to go ever since she had her surgery two months ago. She had been in a lot of pain before and car trips were really tough, but now her pain is mostly during therapy and at night. We thought it would be a good reward.

Josh, Lidie and Amaya on Hollywood Blvd. 

"Cat woman" and "Marylin Monroe" asked if they could have a picture with Amaya. 
She said they acted like she was the star not them. Amaya said it was nice getting lots of attention; the characters kept smiling, waving and talking to her. It was also nice because even though she got some looks she didn't attract as many stares as normal. In the midst of other "freaks" like the guy with the snakes wrapped around his body, or "Spiderman" standing on top of a trash can, or all the many other characters she blended in.  

 At the Grove she stopped to watch a band play. She said, "I think they like me." She got lots of smiles, waves and nods from them all the band members. The positive attention is always welcome, its the stares, and pointing that we could do without. 

Amaya smiling by our favorite bakery at the Grove. She got a chocolate macaroon, Lidie got a red velvet cupcake and I got the same thing I always get, a raspberry roll. Yum! 


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