amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Friday, May 18, 2012

Yoda taught me

     On the way to therapy yesterday we listened to the Eye of the Tiger twice (per Amaya's request) loudly (also her idea). When we parked Amaya said "oh yeah, we're getting ninety-one. Ninety doesn't get the blood moving, ninety-one does." Not only did she make me laugh, but I was glad to see her so pumped and ready for her session. Then she added, "All you're going to hear is I'll try because I'm not giving up. It's do or do not, there is no trying. That's what Yoda taught me."
    At therapy Melissa looked at Amaya's top pins again. She also thought that they looked raised, inflamed and "blistery." She said she never heard back from Dr.Nelson, but suggested that after our appointment we head to his office and have someone look at it.

Amaya rode the bike, but it was tough. She said "man its hard."

Once she got her momentum she did great.

Here's video of her riding her bike down the hall and up the hill.

     Here she is going from standing to sitting. After that she pulled herself on the scooter. When we started bends she started at seventy-six which was about ten degrees higher than the last couple of days. Melissa could tell an improvement in her knee from the last couple of days. It still took about ten minutes to get to ninety, but she did it. Although she wasn't able to get to ninety-one, she did do her best. Her biggest complaint was the pain in her hip. Not only was she fighting to get to ninety she also was fighting her cold/allergies. Melissa did say that dropping down to three turns should give her some relief so hopefully we start to see that soon.
    We headed to Dr.Nelson's office and they let us know that he was out of the office (which makes sense why Melissa hadn't heard back from him), but we waited for someone to see us. After a few moments they took us back to the cast room where the cast room lady cut then removed Amaya's gauze. Amaya let out a little scream, because the woman just pulled it off and it was stuck to her skin (ouch!). Later Amaya told me, "man, that lady is rough!" I don't think she tries to be but, she just has a lot to do. Dr.Jaeger came in and looked at the pins and said they don't look infected yet, but could be starting an infection. He wrote us a prescription for antibiotics (she''ll take those for a week). He said that the top pins are the most troublesome because they go thru so much muscle and bone and get inflamed easily. He also looked at her x-rays from when she fell again (to see if the pins were loose), he said last week he was mainly looking for any fractures. He said they looked good, but when she comes in on Monday we should have them check them again on the new x-ray. While we were there he also noticed Amaya's Star Wars shoes, and said they were cool. Amaya thought it was neat that he noticed them. He won't be there on Monday because his wife we'll be giving birth to their third child, a daughter "any minute now." So a big congrats to him and his wife.
     At home we did massages, her school homework, and more stretches. She watched Rocky IV today and liked it as well. Her allergies/cold are pretty much gone, so hopefully she'll feel better today. It took about an hour to get her to sleep (she had lots of knee pain. More than her hip, which was a switch). She woke up at ten crying in pain. I rubbed her knee, warmed up her hot pad and gave her her next dose of pain meds. She woke up again at midnight and was up for about an hour. Josh let her take the bar out of her fixator and walk up stairs (for a break). She watched a show on Disney channel for half an hour then he carried her back down to bed where she fell asleep pretty quickly and stayed out the rest of the night. It was our first rough night in about a week, but she woke up feeling pretty good. She said her hip didn't hurt her as much today. Melissa is going to re-tape her knee so that should help with the knee pain.

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