amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fighting colds

     Well we're all fighting a cold ( I don't want to say we have one, because I don't want one! I can't afford one right now). We all have a soar throat, coughing, sneezing, etc. And we're all super tired. It's six twenty and Lidie's asleep and the rest of us are ready for bed too. This will be a short post, since I'm so tired and ready for bed. But, since I didn't post over the weekend I wanted to make sure to check in. On Saturday Amaya woke up feeling good and had a great day. We weren't sure how she'd be feeling after her fall, but she was okay. We went to a local reggae concert, as planned, for a few hours where she did a lot of walking, pushed Lidie and our friend Seraphine in her wheelchair. She had a good night's rest each night over the weekend, but had a really tough time yesterday. We went to see a 3D ultrasound scan of our soon to be nephew, but Amaya could barely sit and watch because of her pain and discomfort. We canceled our mother's day plans to have sushi and just headed home. We rested, lounged and then ordered Chinese food. Poor Amaya was miserable all day. She complained of pain in her pins (the ones she hit on Friday when she fell) all day. We kept a hot pad on them all day, and she requested pain meds quite often (she normally doesn't). We didn't push her too much with her therapy homework, but did make sure she did her stretches, bends, lunges, prop her leg on the wall and squats. Even in pain she did her exercises; what a trooper! Thankfully last night she had a good nights rest, and only woke up once.
   Today she still complained of pain in her pins and of cold symptoms. At therapy she did okay, but had a really tight leg. She had a hard time bending her knee past eighty degrees, but eventually did get it to ninety degrees. Her goal was ninety one, but she wasn't able to get it today. Melissa said that muscles tighten after a fall and make it harder to stretch (not what we need right now). She said that she'll email Dr.Nelson to get his input, and we'll keep an eye on her then if we need to we'll drop down to three turns a day (this will add a couple of days to our lengthening time). She suggested two new stretches/exercises to do at home and suggested we keep up with the massages. I made sure to do all the home work and to  massage Amaya's thigh three times today. Amaya is such a good sport about doing her physical therapy homework. Even though she's tired, worn out and has already done her therapy, she still does quite a bit at home (a twenty-forty five minute stretching session, squats each time she washes her hands, bends and lunges throughout the day, etc.). She really is amazing. although she's tempted to, she hasn't given up.

Here's Amaya stepping over blocks. The higher ones were tough.

Here's her walking back. She did this several times today.

Next Kim had her bend her knees and then sit on the trampoline. She had some wobbly ankles, but was bale to do it several items. 

Kim was massaging Amaya's thigh while across the room Lidie was busy laughing hysterically on the floor by herself (not sure why), that's why Melissa was laughing. 


  1. Martha I love your blog! Amaya is amazing! Thank you for sharing your blog with me on Facebook. I look forward to following cute post.
    Cally Lampe

    1. Thank you, and thanks for reading our blog and rooting for Amaya.