amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pain under control

      Amaya had another good night, and slept well. She woke up feeling good. I'm so thankful that her pain is manageable (extremely thankful!). Were giving her children's Tylenol as needed, her knee is taped and we're using a hot pad on her hip and knee. She went to school today for an hour before her physical therapy appointment and did great. Her teacher said she did great and only had minor discomfort in her foot (but Amaya massaged it and it went away quickly). Amaya is excited to go back tomorrow and the rest of the week.
      When we got to therapy Melissa was happy that Amaya's pain is under control and passed on some information from Dr.Nelson. She said he emailed her yesterday after our appointment and said that we should be commended for our hard work and how well Amaya is doing. Ugh, its hard to explain how good that made me feel. Praise is helpful and encouraging, especially at this point in the journey (and especially from him). Melissa also said that Dr.Nelson mentioned that if Amaya can maintain her range of motion in her knee until the end of the lengthening then she could drop down her therapy to three days a week. Melissa said that she recommends maintaining it at five times a week for at least one to two weeks after the lengthening is complete then dropping down to three days a week (we would still keep doing our pt homework and stretches at home) after that.

Amaya rode the scooter into the gym then was walking down the stairs. Kim had to remind her to stand up straight, and bend her knees.

Here she is going down the regular size stairs.

Amaya walked back to the peds gym. 

Back in the gym Kim massaged her thigh then had Amaya rub her scar between her pins. Melissa taught Amaya a new homework (to tighten and relax her muscles). Amaya's goal for today was 92, but was only able to get to 90 (which is still good). She worked hard, but once again she got to where she needed to be. 

When dad got home he got cuddles from both girls.

When the girls watched Grease today Amaya got on the coffee table to dance to Grease Lighting (per dad's suggestion and encouragement).

Then Lidie got up and joined in the dancing. She's got quite a cute hip shacking routine down. Of course I was worried that they would fall, but just stayed away and let them do their own thing with dad. And they were fine, no falls.
      Today we had some friends come visit. The girls had a great time playing and having fun. Both girls were asleep by seven thirty (they were worn out!). Amaya walked up and down the stairs about ten times (I don't think she even noticed because she was busy playing). After they left she watched Grease, we did our physical therapy stretches and homework, showered and got ready for bed. Our days go by so quickly. But, I'm proud and happy of all that we're accomplishing. 
     Thanks again for all the well wishes, encouragement, prayers and for reading along and following our journey. Thank you, it means a lot to us and we don't take it for granted. 

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