amaya at lake

amaya at lake

Monday, May 28, 2012

A long weekend

     The nice thing about a long weekend is that we get to relax and enjoy time with our family, the bad thing is that we get an extra day off from physical therapy.  Although Amaya doesn't mind the time off, the bad thing about missing therapy so close to the end is that Amaya's leg gets tighter each day. We did do therapy homework everyday (stretches, massage the thigh, massage her scar, knee bends, exercises, ride the bike, ride the scooter, propped her leg up on the wall for thirty minutes and let gravity pull it down, kept her knee bent all day, etc). I'm kind of dreading tomorrow's therapy session. Monday sessions are always the toughest, but after three days off, and being so close to the end, and how tight her quad is I'm really afraid for how tough it's going to be on her tomorrow (and painful).

A local library had Star Wars day on Saturday and we were able to get a family photo with Darth Vader. Lidie was a bit scared of him, hence no smile from her. 

Amaya and Darth Vader. 

Amaya resting her leg on the wall on Saturday while she reads the Star Wars book.

On Sunday Lidie decided to lay with Amaya and stretch her legs too.

Before we did our afternoon session of therapy homework this is what Amaya's leg looked like at a natural bend. She said it felt like a bend, a small stretch. As you can see it isn't much of a bend and very far from the ninety degrees that we need to get it to during therapy. We definitely have our work cut out for us this week (only one week left of lengthening!). Wish us luck! 

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